Warm Up/Warm Down procedure in force

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Warm Up/Warm Down procedure in force

As reported in November of last year the Premier League have taken on board the concerns of Groundsmen regarding the extensive nature of warm ups and warm downs and their damaging effect on the pitches.

A working party was set up to up to devise a set of guidelines for clubs to adhere to. These guidelines have now been published and issued this week to all Premier League clubs. Whilst the guidelines are not yet incorporated in to the Premier League Rules, the clubs have been requested to adhere to them for the remainder of this season. It is intended that the guidelines will be included in the Rules for Season 2005/06

The guidelines are as follows:-

  1. Players are not to use the playing surface to warm up until 45 minutes prior to kick off.

  2. Warm ups are to be restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes in duration.

  3. Where provided, portable goals must be used for all goalkeeping drills other than crossing practice.

  4. Where portable goals are not provided, goalkeepers are permitted to use the goalmouth area for a maximum period of 20 minutes.

  5. Each team is to use the area across the pitch from the edge of penalty area to the halfway line to warm up in, or as otherwise instructed by the groundsman.

  6. Unless otherwise instructed by the groundsman, all speed/stamina work is to take place off the pitch along the touchline, opposite the side the Assistant Referee is to use.

    In the event of there being insufficient space then speed/stamina work will take place in the area described in 5.

  7. Half time warm ups must be restricted to substitutes only. Points 5 and 6 apply.

    Goalkeepers are not to use the penalty area other than for crossing practice (where half time on-field activities permit).

    In general, consideration to be given to on-field half time activities.

  8. Warm downs are to last no longer than 15 minutes. Penalty areas are not to be used.

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