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With environmental concern at the top of everyone's agenda now is the time to be planning to make sure your facilities are in compliance with the new EU Water Framework Directive. Did you know we supply everything you need to upgrade your wash pad? Installing a Waste2Water System enables you to undertake all your potentially polluting activities (e.g. equipment wash-off, refuelling, degreasing, chemical mixing etc.) on the controlled wash pad area, removing any pollution concerns as all these activities are reliably treated by the Waste2Water system:

We Supply & Install:
• Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off Systems
• Waste2Water Chemical Stores
• Waste2Water Chemical Mixing Tanks
• A wide range of Diesel Fuel Stations
• Above Ground Petrol Tanks
• Wash Pad Construction

With the "Waste2Water One-Stop-Shop" all you need to do is give us a call and we will do the rest! Bringing your maintenance facility operations right up-to-date and providing a 'future-proof' solution to ensuring compliance with the ever increasing environmental legislation! We will be delighted to arrange a free site visit and assist with your facility design, often being able to upgrade your existing facilities at minimal cost - making your upgrade even more affordable.

So, come and have a look at our Waste2Water System on show and your decision will be made easy! Ease of use, low-cost maintenance and the unique above-ground design make Waste2Water the No.1 choice. Our systems are designed to operate outside all year round, without the need for installation in a container or building. With an above-ground system you can easily see what's going on, ensuring no undetected leaks, and ease of maintenance comes as standard! Superb system features, include a Self- Cleaning Sump (automatically transfers the clippings and sand into the wheelbarrow) and an Above-Ground Dirt Settlement Tank (for easy dirt removal to ensure high quality recycled water) complete the package!

If you are considering upgrading your wash-off area to comply with the new EU Water Framework Directive, make sure you call by to discuss your requirements with 'The Wastewater Treatment Specialists' and view our Recycling Wash-Off System, which will be on show.

We look forward to seeing you!
Contact Tel: 01782 373 878

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