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Berkhamsted GCAre you aware a new civil Variable Monetary Penalty (VMP) of up to £250,000 has recently been introduced, giving the Environment Agency additional powers to ensure compliance with the new EU Water Framework Directive?! With the huge increase in the penalty limits the intention of the authorities is clear and we recommend you upgrade your equipment wash facility as soon as possible.

Our Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System ensures full compliance with this new legislation and, as the system is a full recycling system, it's also "future-proof" against potential changes. Equipment wash-off, vehicle refuelling, degreasing, chemical mixing and any other potentially polluting activities can all be safely undertaken on the wash pad. Better still, the Recycling Wash-Off System also reduces wash water usage by up to 90%+!

Our Above-Ground Systems allow easy maintenance and the innovative design means you don't need to install our systems in a building or a container. Installation could not be easier, often retro-fitting into an existing area to minimise the budget.

We know you've got a choice of systems, but think we've got it about right, as our systems have evolved from years of positive customer feedback. With all the techno-babble it's often difficult to make an informed choice so come and have a chat and we'll explain why our system is no.1 in the UK. If you're impressed, we'll be delighted to arrange a free site survey and supply all the knowledge, expertise and equipment you need. We look forward to seeing you!

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