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trunk pump 31.8.07 007.jpgWhether the cause is climate change or natural weather cycles, there is no doubt that extreme rainfalls appear to be occurring more and more frequently. Rivers burst their banks, homes and businesses are flooded, and drains are filled to capacity and overflow spilling their contents into the streets.

Even once the waters subside, there can still be substantial pockets of standing water with no where to drain to. Fields, sports pitches and golf courses can be seriously affected by standing water so its a problem that groundsmen and greenkeepers have to address.

This is where the Raycam TrunkPump from Campey Turfcare Systems comes into its own. Fully portable and PTO driven, it can be mounted on most tractors by a three point linkage. The pump, hoses and operator can then easily be transported to the flood site, making it a one person job. The 3-inch plastic centrifugal pump can handle salt water and chemicals, has 25 feet of suction head and can efficiently pump 1100 litres per minute.

So even when the weather throws its worst at you, the Raycam TrunkPump gives you the facility to react quickly and independently to remove the excess from troublesome standing pools of water, relieve the pressure from small lakes or ponds on golf courses or in parks and return the site to its designated use as soon as possible, with the minimum of fuss.


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