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Zack is a five year old twin boy who has been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of brain tumour known as 'Diffuse Pontine Glioma'. When Zack was diagnosed, the family were told that Zack only had months to live without treatment and possibly eighteen months with radiotherapy.

Initially, the family wanted to raise money to create happy memories, so they could make the most of the time they have left together.

However, now Zack's family are looking into different treatments and trials. Unfortunately, these trials are very expensive. So Pitchcare are appealing to everyone to help in any way they can, big or small, as these treatments will be in excess of £100,000 and could be much more.

You may be wondering why Pitchcare are getting involved. Zack's grandfather, Jason Wood, is a former groundsman and a friend to our managing director Dave Saltman and, as any parent would be, Dave was keen to get involved.

To encourage you all to donate money to a family trying to save their son, we are organising a fundraising event called 'Wax-Off for Zack'. We have six willing volunteers, including Dave Saltman, who will be taking part. As you may guess from the title, this involves 'WAXING'.

Depending on how generous you all are and how much we manage to raise, will dictate how much is waxed and which body part!

Waxing will take place on Thursday 9th February with lots of promotion on both Twitter and Facebook prior to the event, with evidence being posted throughout the week after the event.

Please help us raise as much money as possible to give Zack and his family the best chance!

Update from Grandfather Jason Wood

"He finished his radiotherapy at the end of December and the effects of the steroids are starting to lessen. He has even been back to school a few times when he's felt up to it.

There are no trials suitable for him at the moment in the UK, so we are looking abroad and keeping an eye on different research programmes - the trouble is you have to prove you have the funds available to get on the trials, so we are going to need to raise a minimum of £50k. If a trial doesn't come up, then we will donate the money to sponsor another child with this or send it to the research charity. This cancer is so rare that governments do not fund research into a cure and drug companies will not help as they won't sell a lot of the drug if they do manage to find a cure.

The family are coping fairly well. They appeared on the local TV news programme recently trying to kick start the fund raising again."

Pitchcare volunteers include:

Dave Saltman - Managing Director
Dan Hughes - Sales and Marketing Director
Ed Smith - Senior Sales Co-ordinator
Ian Sommerville - Regional Technical Sales Manager
Jamie Harvey - Warehouse Foreman
Danny McDougall - Trade Store Assistant

Event Date: Waxing taking place on 9th February - photos of event to follow - before/after shots or pained faces etc!

Just giving page link - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/wax-off-for-zack
Fundraising Target - £1,000

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