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tp4(13)The Turfporter IV is the latest machine to be developed and added to the range of machines used by Talbot Sports Turf Installation.

Designed and built totally in-house by the Derby based Company, it enables them to install turf in widths up to 2.6 metres. This is currently the largest turf installer in the world.

The machine is similar in design to their last machine which has the ability to lay turf in widths up to 1.2 metres, requiring over 600 large rolls @ 40 mm thick to cover a standard size football pitch. The Turfporter IV reduces the amount of rolls to approximately 275 rolls offering the customer a massive advantage over previous methods by reducing the number of rolls and therefore reducing the number of joints. It will enable the Company to achieve even higher standards with regards to a truer surface that will be more consistent over the whole area.

The turf is supported at all times during the unrolling process therefore preventing the loss of Rootzone and preventing localised low spots.

TP4(15)The unrolling tables speed is synchronised to the forward speed of the tractor ensuring no stretch to the turf and therefore no damage to the root structure. As a result there is no stress on the grass plant.

Installation time for a playing surface will be reduced to one day therefore reducing the timescale of any window available to carry out a pitch re-turf.

The Turfporter IV is three point linkage tractor mounted and due to its weight and the weight of the roll of turf the size of this tractor is 140 HP on flat profile radial turf tyres all round operating at less than 10 PSI.

The Company now has the ability to install any size or type of turf available anywhere in the world. The last seven months has seen the Company install instant play turf in England, Ireland, Poland and Sweden.

The machine forms part of their portfolio of equipment specifically designed by Talbots to carry out these contracts and is complemented by the Talbot easi-knit 2 which ensures evenly tight joints and properly installed turf ready for instant play.



TRACTOR: Specification 140 HP 4 WD with three point link front mounted
counter balance weight. Radial turf tyres all round.

DRIVE: Hydraulic drive in excess of 100 l/min @ 3000 PSI

TURF WIDTH: Up to 2.6 metres.
Rolls per pitch - 275 based on 40 mm thick turf for instant
Play (Pitch @ 8000 m2)

ROLL WEIGHT: 2000 - 2500 kg

ROLL SIZE: Variable. Up to 30 m2 on 40 mm thick instant play.
Up to 75 m2 on standard thickness turf.

TIME TO INSTALL: A standard size playing surface in a stadium
Environment - 1 day.

LAYING SPEED: Variable synchronised to the forward speed of the

DIMENSIONS: Overall width - 3.3 m
Length including tractor - 7.2 m
Weight of machine - 1.5 tonnes
Weight of machine including turf - 4 tonnes

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