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The first of its type, the Wessex CRX MultiCut mower started a rotary revolution at the beginning of the year

Six months down the line there is exceptional demand for the new concept, say Wessex, with the CRX finding homes with local authorities, contractors and groundscare professionals.

Combining a professional roller mower with full width rollers front and rear, a finishing mower with four fully castoring wheels, or a combination of the two, may seem like a bold move but the CRX MultiCut is proving to be a worthy addition to the Wessex ProLine range of roller mowers.

A further contribution to this popularity is the fact the CRX mowers can be front or rear mounted thanks to a reversible linkage and they can be side or rear discharge by altering the baffles beneath the deck and adding a side delivery chute. There are also the options of mulching and collecting. You might think the quality of operation in any one of the formats would be compromised with the machine being multi-functional but not so, the CRX can be configured to leave a premium quality finish on any turf. As a roller mower in a scaled down version, for tractors of 20hp upwards, the characteristics are very similar to the proven Wessex RMX roller mowers.

As a finishing mower the high blade tip speed gives a superb cut with overlapping rotors giving a hundred percent coverage, and the castoring wheels provide exceptional manoeuvrability. The CRX MultiCut comes in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4 m working widths with simple height adjustment and, at the end of the day, the rear roller lays a professional stripe to be admired. Wessex recommends a demonstration to see just how versatile this machine is.

For more information, visit www.wessexintl.com.

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