Wessex rolls out the RMX-180

Tony Hawkinsin Industry News

RMX 180
When first introduced, the Wessex ProLine roller mower concept heralded a new dimension in sports and amenity turf maintenance. The Wessex RMX-180 rigid deck roller mower is no exception.

Not to be confused with a rotary topper or finishing mower, a full width roller front and rear, precision blades and an exceptionally high blade tip speed make this a mower that offers a premium cut quality with a professional striped effect. What's more, the Wessex ProLine roller mowers offer a more cost effective method of professional turf mowing.

There was a time when traditional cylinder mowers were the only way to achieve the goal of a premium cut. What came with them were the accepted overheads of the annual costs of cylinder regrinds, bottom blade replacements, constant bed knife adjustments and hydraulic oil filters.

That all changed with the Wessex ProLine RMX range, which starts with the RMX- 180 roller mower that has a 1.8m working width, and all the features of the larger models in the line-up, with a compact body less than two metres wide. Requiring a tractor of only 30hp its compact design allows easy transport on a trailer - ideal for the contractor needing to move the machine from site to site.

The rest of the Wessex collection includes rigid 2.4m and 3.0m, folding 3.6m and Tri-deck 5.0m, 5.6m, 6.8m and 8.0m folding wing Roller Mowers to meet all premium quality mowing needs. There's no question these Wessex roller mowers have proved themselves to be tough, reliable, efficient and ideally suited to local authorities, contractors, university campuses and schools, councils and sports clubs.

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