Wessex splits the difference

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Logsplitter NEW Image WXI 2014
Anyone looking to just save time on logsplitting or in a commercial situation with the need to clear trees, it's all the same to the Wessex LS-100 logsplitter.

This powerful British-built logsplitter actually turns a boring, back-breaking and time-consuming chore into an enjoyable task and will handle logs up to 18"/450mm in height.

Strong, simple, quick and easy to fit to any tractor with a category 1 three-point linkage, the LS-100 powers effortlessly through splitting logs with up to 10 tons of hydraulic force, depending on the tractor hydraulics. A floor-level bed makes loading logs onto the splitter safe and easy, while the two-handed operation satisfies the health and safety requirements.

The difference the LS-100 makes, compared to the boring and time-consuming splitting of logs by hand, can be measured in the time saved by the large numbers of contractors, landscapers, farmers, large estates and smallholders who rely on their machines year in, year out.

Besides, who wants to run the risk of using a splitting wedge and a sledgehammer flying through the air and hitting you on the shin or perhaps worse, someone else who happens to be nearby?


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