Weston Ground Maintenance settle on Petrol over Diesel with SCAG

Graham Robsonin Contractor News

Weston Ground Maintenance have recently received their new 31HP petrol SCAG Turf Tiger 52 for carrying out the work that the company do for contracts to cut verges, greens, sports pitches, Housing Associations, lawns and pleasure gardens in the Stafford area.

Dave Bill, the owner, explained that a succession of machines over the years have come and gone and steadily he has built up a picture of his ideal machine and, when the time came for a new purchase and when he was disappointed with the service of one dealer, he took the advice of friend in another grounds maintenance company who said "try SCAG - they're bulletproof".

He had a machine demonstration by Dominic Mason; petrol was the engine of choice, and Dave chose to have the mulching kit for efficiency and a striper kit for the best finish.

The machine is the first of the new Vanguard 31HP high efficiency petrol engine powered SCAG machines sold by STM Co Ltd.

This engine is an excellent example of how petrol is competing against diesel in this market - and Dave has proved it already with a confirmed saving of 1.5 litres of fuel a day.

A further bonus was the discovery that the SCAG STT is the best machine he has had as regards leaving no marks on the ground on turning as it is so easy to manoeuvre.

Happy customer for STM and happy customers for Weston Ground Maintenance.

The machines are available through the STM dealership network. To find your nearest dealer ring 01789 488450, email info@st-mach.com or look at our website www.st-mach.com