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IMG 8274 rtThe issue of winter maintenance was thrust massively and painfully into the public eye over the last three winters, with tales abounding of highway service contractors and operators struggling to cope with the demands of an Arctic-like grip. 'Salt shortages' and 'tailbacks' were two oft-heard phrases as the British public found themselves at the mercy of the elements with local councils and maintenance companies unable to keep up with the necessary work.

Even at a private sector level, the British public will not tolerate a fourth winter of under-prepared areas, and hundreds of companies and commercial establishments have taken action to equip themselves with salt spreading equipment. Unwilling to leave themselves exposed to the potentially disastrous risks of non-preparation, forward-thinking organisations have invested in pedestrian-powered spreaders, towbar-mounted spreaders, truck-mounted spreaders, and even the humble grit bin and shovel route to winter maintenance has seen a huge increase in popularity.

"What we're seeing is a surge in recognition of the hazards of non-preparation," says Steve James, sales manager at Broadwood International who distribute SnowEx throughout the UK and Europe. "For a relatively minor investment, small businesses and local councils are buying peace-of-mind for the whole winter and the uptake of SnowEx salt spreaders has dramatically increased in the pre-winter period as people remind themselves of the frustration they experienced in previous winters of non-availability."

The SnowEx salt spreader range encompasses every requirement from walk-behind spreaders that are perfect for pavements, paths and small car parks, to spreaders for use on pick-ups, forklifts and behind ATV's. At the top end of the SnowEx scale, large capacity truck-bed mounted spreaders are available, designed to service industrial estate roadways, power station access routes, airport service roads and minor public roads.

"Over the past seven years SnowEx has become almost a household name for winter maintenance," says Mr James. "Due in part to the recognition of the distinctive yellow poly hoppers, people now use 'SnowEx' as a generic term to denote a salt spreader or brine sprayer. Of course, SnowEx has achieved number one status due to far more attributes than the corrosion-free hopper; reliable 12v drive systems and in-cab control units with complete adjustment of spread width and speed also help to confirm SnowEx's position at the top of the table.

Proven effective and reliable in some of the world's harshest winter climates, SnowEx is available at dealers across the UK - contact Broadwood International for more information.

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