Wiedenmann’s Terra Spike SL6 is smart addition to aeration fleet

Val Grahamin Machinery & Mechanics

Wiedenmann's new super light Terra Spike SL is fast earning the reputation of being smart in every sense of the word. Easily tining down to 210 mm on fine turf it is more than twice the match for some shallow aerators especially as it targets that vital area between 100 mm and 210 mm.

On the looks front an innovative cover marks it as different, one of several bespoke features designed to keep its weight to just 470kg. An updated version of Wiedenmann's patented TwinDrive takes up less room and moves the centre of gravity closer to the tractor. Other developments include a built-in tine return system and additional shock absorbing facility. However this clever machine retains all the traditional benefits of a Wiedenmann deep aerator with its considerable strength coming via its powerful chassis. It brings the much coveted VibraStop which prevents vibration travelling to the operator or the machine and tractor; QuickSet which enables adjustment of both tine depth and heave with settings visible on a large scale; and QuickChange which allows tine heads to be exchanged with only one screw.

The SL with its 1.4m working width is perfect for decompacting tees and greens and cab be paired with compact tractors from 20 hp with 600 kg lift capacity. Launched at Saltex in November, its class leading technology means it is exceptionally quiet and smooth, fewer moving parts mean less wear, less maintenance and fewer greasing points.

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