Wiedenmann UK’s 20 year milestone to be celebrated with charity Terra Spike

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Wiedenmann UK\'s David Rae (md) with charity platinum Terra Spike GXi8 HDWiedenmann UK celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The company, synonymous with the Terra Spike brand of deep aerators, has set an industry benchmark, respected for its technical excellence and quality service.

To mark this exciting milestone, Wiedenmann UK has fashioned a bespoke, platinum coloured Terra Spike GXi8 HD which will be sold off this season. Proceeds from the sale will be split jointly between charities, Cancer Research and the MS Society. The GXi8 HD is remarkably precise and efficient and since its launch has become a best seller.

Founder David Rae was just 23 when he and his father, Alistair, met the Wiedenmann family at The Turf Industry Show in Germany in 1989. The Wiedenmanns were launching a prototype deep aerator while the Raes were looking for a machine for their contracting business. Within two years Wiedenmann UK was formed given the distribution rights for Britain and Ireland.

Wiedenmann UK, founder, David Rae"My enduring memory of that important phase was the strong respect and friendship with the Wiedenmann family." said David Rae. "The development work behind the scenes in getting the Terra Spike market ready and the negotiations during trips to Germany were exciting and enjoyable. Early trade shows were huge fun; it's certainly true that ours is a people trade and over the years we have enjoyed the friendship and camaraderie shown by dealers and customers across our industry."

Crucially in the last 20 years both families have been acutely aware that success only comes from supplying products backed by fair, honest customer support. Wiedenmann UK has The Wiedenmann UK team with Jurgen Wiedenmann, joint managing director, Wiedenmann Gmbhbenefited from the German company's focus on product development with a large sum reinvested to design and test future machines. Wiedenmann Gmbh has expanded its distribution network around the world and has become market leader through innovation. Despite their success, the German company - this is now run by the three Wiedenmann brothers, Jürgen, Horst and Uwe, after their parent retired - remains loyal to its founding principles in ensuring that customers come first.

Twenty years on Wiedenmann UK grows stronger promoting an ever expanding range of specials grounds maintenance machinery. David Rae is proud of what the company has achieved, however, he is aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

"Finding those unique features that suit customers changing demands and expectations is the key. Our customers are a highly educated and knowledgeable group who often work in difficult conditions. We need to ensure that we surpass their expectations.

"At Saltex we begin a year of celebrations to mark our 20th anniversary. In Spring we will launch five new products during a dealer conference when we plan to recognise dealer commitment through special awards.

20 year master logo"Both families look forward to the next 20 years but in the meantime we thank all concerned who have helped Wiedenmann UK to become successful -our staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure customer needs are met- and especially our customers who have supported our business."

See the platinum Terra Spike GXi8 and Wiedenmann UK's latest product, the Terra Groom, at Stand V26A Saltex, Sept 6-8, 2011.


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