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Woburn Golf Club's three iconic courses - the Marquess, the Duke's and the Duchess - have all been sporting a new sharper look thanks to the acquisition of new pin flags, designed especially for the club.

John Clarke, Courses Manager at the prestigious Buckinghamshire Club, worked closely with Brit Manufacturing Solutions (BMS) to develop the new flags.

John, who is currently preparing the Marquess course for the return of the British Masters supported by Sky Sports in October, wanted a particular shade of 'bright white' to ensure that the highly recognisable burgundy Woburn logo would stand out proudly when embroidered on them.

Leaving no stone unturned John visited the BMS factory and was impressed by just how professionally his requirements were dealt with and how much care and attention was given to his order.

"At Woburn we set high standards and expect all of our suppliers to do likewise. The attention to detail that BMS Products demonstrated to me in ensuring that my very specific requests were delivered was extremely impressive. I felt that I was working with people who knew exactly what they were doing and how to deliver it to the customer."

BMS Products offer a full range of golf course furniture and equipment and offer the assurance to customers that the highest quality materials are used and delivered.

"Our aim is to collaborate with customers to ensure that their specific requests are achieved and in the case of Woburn we were delighted to invite John to our headquarters in Luton to show how we went about producing our flag pins and worked on creating the standard he was demanding," explained BMS Managing Director James Buckholt.

Among the other joint projects which John and James have worked on to enhance the golfing experience at Woburn is the refurbishment of the club's granite tee markers.

"Why buy new when you can bring back to life? Many clubs have tee markers which are of extremely high quality but just need some care and attention and we offer that as a service," said James, who has also worked with John on the development of a new improved hole cutter which offers better depth control. This can be seen on www.youtube.com/user/BMS PRODUCTS.

Pitchcare are an authorised distributor of BMS products, for quotes on flags or a range of BMS tools and equipment telephone 01902 440250.

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