Decompaction and drainage in one single motion with The GeoInjector

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The revolutionary Vogt GeoInjector, injects deeper into the ground than any other equipment within the industry and allows maximum decompaction and drainage in one single motion.

Apex Soil Solutions are the only company in the UK to distribute the revolutionary the machine which is manufactured in two varieties; the carrier and the trolley. Both complete the same process however the trolley holds much larger volumes of product and can complete injections at a faster rate.

The GeoInjector produces the following results:

  • Reduction of soil compaction
  • Stimulation of root growth through the improvement of soil structure and aeration
  • Drainage of water logged soils to reactivate natural biological processes in the soil
  • Injection of granular material reduces the likelihood of re compaction after treatments
  • Increases soil moisture retention with water retaining granules,
  • Enhances soil nutrient through precise fertilisation whilst mitigating salt stress with specialised granular materials
  • It improves plant performance with organic bio stimulates and mycorrhizal inoculation
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