Stunning new footage shows Anfield Road expansion as Liverpool stadium transformed

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New drone footage captured the progress being made on Liverpool's Anfield Road expansion.

The Reds recently added a new Liverpool crest on the outside of the Anfield Road stand. Due to its measurements and weight, this took three days to carefully install in pieces. Its impressive size is 5 metres by 6.9 metres, which if laid flat on the ground, would cover the entire 18-yard box.

Progress is also being made elsewhere, with a lack of heavy machinery now noticeable in a latest update on the stadium shared by Mister Drone UK. Such a change is testament to the ongoing commitment for this project to be completed in time for the Reds' home game of the 2023/24 season, which sees Bournemouth make the trip to Merseyside on August 19.

The majority of scaffolding inside the stadium has also gone as the main bulk of inside lifting is seemingly now complete, with seats slowly being added to the upper tier now that the old roof has been removed.

Work first began on transforming the Anfield Road end in September 2021, with Jurgen Klopp providing a ground-breaking dig on-site, and has entailed a cost of £80million.

The adaptations to the stand will result in the Reds boasting the fifth-largest football stadium in England - and the fourth-highest capacity in the Premier League. Over the summer, the change will bring an extra 7,000 seats to increase the venue to 61,000.

Fans will have to wait until the second game of next season for the grand unveiling of the new-loom Anfield, having requested to play away from home on the opening day of the campaign.

Fixtures for 2023/24 were announced last Thursday, when it was confirmed Liverpool would begin next term with a trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea on August 13.

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