Thank A Greenkeeper Day 2023

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Today is a ThankAGreenkeeper Day. Pitchcare is proud to support BIGGA Ltd and greenkeepers for all they do for the game. James Kimmings took a trip to a course he holds close to his heart to recognise the teams hard work.

I travelled to my local golf course at Belton Woods to speak to some of the members about the course they play at, they wanted to give a special mention to the greens staff. I also caught up with the two Head Greenkeepers, Sam Pigott and JP Bowers about what the day means to the greenkeeping staff.

Greenkeepers work tirelessly to produce a consistently appealing golf course, with environmental stewardship as a top priority. Golf courses are using less water, implementing sustainable management practices, and extending natural wildlife habitats on courses as a result of the golf industry's collective efforts.

The concept is to help boost morale around the greenkeeping circle and celebrate the work that many greenkeepers put in on a day-to-day basis.

BIGGA is the leading host on the day. However, it will be the social media presence and thanks which hopefully reflect the thanks needed to greenkeepers all across the world for consistent maintance of the golf courses.

The day, which uses the hashtag #ThankAGreenkeeper, is a social media campaign seen by millions of people in the UK and beyond, and it has a significant impact on recognising the work that greenkeepers do. Supportive gestures improve morale, increase job satisfaction, and foster a culture of mutual respect.

Thank you from all at Pitchcare.

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