The Scots Turf Show: Bigger and Better for 2024

James Kimmingsin Turf Show

This week saw the return of Scots Turf for its second year at Hamilton Park Racecourse. This was still a test run for the industry companies that formed the show, which had over 900 registered visitors before the gates opened.

The goal has always been to support the Scottish turf community and establish connections with the industry by offering a local turf event that is accessible to a wide range of turf care professionals from various sports who may not have otherwise had the chance to attend a local industry event.

Craig Eccleston, Grounds Manager at George Watson's College (Edinburgh) speaking the day before Scots Turf-

"I went to Scots Turf last year, it was the first time that they had launched it. It felt like a compact show but it was well attended by a mixture of turf care professionals. Hopefully, it will get even bigger in 2024."

"I do go to the other trade shows but it can be challenging to get down to England. It is a couple of days off work to get to SALTEX or BTME. Something local to you means you can take more of the team." 

Over 600 more visitors had registered compared to the previous year.

Visitors were given a food and drink voucher upon arrival at the show, which they could use between viewing the extensive collection of tools and machinery.

Peter Smith, Head Greenkeeper at Bathgate Golf Club also expressed his enthusiasm for a turf show based in Scotland- 

"It is vital that Scotland has its own turf show. The networking opportunity to talk to not only reps of organisations but also other greenkeepers and turf care professionals is really important." 

"Being able to see everything in one go is great. We don't often get the opportunity to see demo machines anymore. Scots Turf allows the end user to fully understand the equipment. I will be taking my whole squad to the show because it is only down the road."

 "I go to Harrogate, it's a great event. We normally go for three or four days. However, it is a long way to travel and you cant take the whole squad because you need someone back on the course"

From AllGrass, Alan Thomson was ecstatic about the show's response.

"Over the last two years, we had meetings about how we can bring the show back. We had the first test event here at Hamilton Park Racecourse last year. The accessibility to the show is nice and easy with it being just off the main motorways."

"To have the show get to this point is great. Last year we had 300 people and 12 companies, this year we have 61 companies and over 900 attendees due to come to the show. To have this in Scotland is so useful for turf care workers who would normally have to travel further down the UK."

Andy Wardrop from STIHL expressed the importance of the show from a manufacturer's point of view

"It is great to be invited back to Scots Turf. We see this show as crucial for the industry within Scotland. It has great transport links and hotels, the venue caters well for the exhibitors and visitors." 

"It is a perfect opportunity for end users to come and ask us about the new technology being developed. We can then help assist them in finding the right product for their needs".

Tony Owen and Scott Robinson from TLS also offered further insight into why Scots Turf helps with manufacturer and end-user relationships

Tony said "We have quite a few customers up in Scotland so it is nice for them to be able to come and say hello at the show. We also want new business, for us it is accessible for all Scottish grounds staff and greenkeepers."

Scott added, "It is a great location, so close to the motorway. It is a perfect opportunity for people to come and have a good luck at all of the equipment on offer at the show."