Turf Hardener

Turf Hardener is an advanced chelated calcium formulation designed to strengthen turf and increase the plant’s ability to withstand stress and pathogens.

For further information on the Turf Hardener, please see the in depth brochure.

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Turf Hardener

Advanced Chelated Calcium Formulation

Advanced source of bioavailable calcium (15% CaO w/v) containing natural plant growth stimulants to facilitate optimum calcium uptake and translocation within the grass plant.

  • Naturally chelated – for optimised foliar application and absorption.
  • Highly mixable – with other plant strengthening elements as part of an ITM approach.
  • Low nitrogen formulation – carefully balanced to maximise uptake and activate plant function without stimulating lush susceptible growth.

Turf Hardener is designed to strengthen turf and increase the grass plant’s ability to withstand stress. It may be applied alone or in tank-mixtures with other products. The unique formulation facilitates rapid uptake of the calcium into the grass plant, producing a harder, more disease resistant sward.

Turf Hardener is specifically formulated to successfully tank mix with other elemental plant hardeners, such as Bullet Chelated Iron and Bullet Phosphite. When combined these plant nutrients can work synergistically within the plants systems to create natural non-pesticidal disease suppression as part of an Integrated Turf Management approach.


Turf Hardener Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Turf Hardener (L/ha) Water Volume (L/ha) Area (ha)
20 - 40 300 - 450 1

Product Analysis

Ingredient Oxide Value Elemental Value
Total Nitrogen (N)   7.04%
    Nitrate (N)   6.50%
    Ammonium (N)   0.54%
Magnesium (MgO) 1.02% 0.615% Mg
Calcium (CaO) 15.00% 10.72% Ca
Zinc (Zn)   0.25% Zn
Boron (B)   0.40% B
Specific Gravity 1.268
pH 4.8

Why choose Turf Hardener?

    1. Uniquely chelated with natural acid technology that is not present in other products on the market, making Turf Hardener highly bioavailable to the plant with increased calcium movement through the xylem and into the cells.

    1. Balanced nitrogen level in Turf Hardener has been carefully constructed to allow plant tissues to be optimally activated, just enough to absorb the calcium, but not to excess. Thereby not stimulating excessive, weak vegetative growth more susceptible to turf diseases such as Microdochium nivale.

    1. Competing products often use calcium carbonate (lime), which leads to a higher pH not suitable for turf grass.

    1. Foliar application allows calcium to be absorbed efficiently and reach the growing points rapidly. Preventing negative interactions in the soil where calcium can inhibit the absorption of boron, magnesium and phosphorus, and lead to the vaporization of nitrogen.

  1. Formulated with three complimentary plant elements to facilitate maximum uptake efficiency and grass plant function in a natural way.
    • Magnesium – prevents an imbalance in calcium-magnesium ratio.
    • Zinc – maximises auxin synthesis, the essential hormone for calcium uptake into actively growing plant cells.
    • Boron – corrects deficiencies as like calcium, boron is immobile in the phloem, so both calcium and boron deficiencies are most commonly found under stressful conditions when xylem flow has been restricted.
  2. Significantly less hazardous to human health than competing products (see associated safety data sheets for further information).

For further information on Turf Hardener, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01902 440280.

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SKU - 190067

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SKU - 190067

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