Attraxor® - Plant Growth Regulator 1.5kg

Attraxor® is a plant growth regulator containing the new active substance, prohexadione. Attraxor® can be used to regulate growth of all managed amenity turf (for example: golf, links golf, sports pitches and training grounds, outfields, race courses, tennis courts, airfields etc) at a rate of 375 — 1,500 g/ha.

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Product Overview
Product Type Plant Growth Regulator
Product Name Attraxor®
MAPP No. 18939
Active Substances 100 g/kg prohexadione
Formulation Water soluble granules
Areas of Use Managed amenity turf, amenity grassland
Amateur/Professional Professional


Active Ingredients: 100 g/kg prohexadione.

MAPP no. 18939

Attraxor® has been shown to effectively regulate growth of managed amenity turf. The active substance inhibits the giberrelic acid pathway which results in a reduction of turf height and turf biomass. Root growth is promoted through the use of Attraxor® whilst turf colour and quality are maintained.

Prohexadione, the active substance in Attraxor® is activated in the tank by the addition of water; therefore growth regulation occurs rapidly following application of the product.

Key Advantages

  • Attraxor is formulated for rapid foliar uptake – plant growth regulation acts as quick as 4hrs from application.
  • Superior performance against Poa annua pioneering.
  • More even growth control on all species of grass plant.
  • Extended regulation of growth against fine turf grass species.

Instructions for Use

Where to use: For use on managed amenity turf.

When to use:

  • Apply when grass is growing consistently and air temperatures are between 7°C — 21°C.
  • Initial application can be made once there have been 450 growth degree days in the year based on the zero GDD model.
  • Subsequent applications can be made every 21 days from this point.
Attraxor Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

I was amazed by how fast Attraxor® claimed to get into the plant. We measured our clip rate before using Attraxor and it was 25.9 ml/m². The day after we had applied the product the clippings had reduced to 17.7 ml/m²., an almost 32% reduction.

Jamie Blake

Head Greenkeeper
Broadway Golf Club


We use an Attraxor® programme all season across our natural grass pitches, both at the training ground and stadium. From this we see a 50% reduction in mowing frequency and clipping volumes, which provides considerable time and cost savings.


UEFA Champions League

How to use*:

  • Add 3/4 of the required water to the spray tank.
  • Before adding any other products; remove top hat filter and pour Attraxor® directly into the tank whilst agitating the water.
  • Agitate well to ensure Attraxor® is fully dissolved then add remaining water through top hat filter.
  • Apply one hour after mowing in slow drying conditions.

Additional information:

  • Use the lowest stated water volumes when mixing with hard water.
  • Ideal pH of spray solution is 4.5 - 5.5.
  • Add Attraxor into the spray water before any other products
  • Having removed the top hat filter, add Attraxor directly into t a spray tank containing 3/4 of the final spray volume and agitate until dissolved
  • Attraxor should be applied alongside 2.5 kg/ha supplementary nitrogen.
  • Do not mix with fertilisers containing calcium, magnesium or boron.
  • Replace lid immediately as Attraxor® granules will rapidly absorb water from the atmosphere.
  • Do not apply when turf is stressed or in direct sunshine.
  • Do not irrigate for at least four hours post application.

* Application rates for Attraxor® are dependent on turf height and presence/absence of Poa annua. See tables below for more detailed application rate information.

Attraxor® appealed to me because PGRs are a significant part of my overall maintenance strategy to improve the turf and control Poa annua. 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for Poa so I was keen to see what Attraxor could offer. Speaking to Mark and Adam gave me the confidence to try it and the results have been far better than expected.

Stuart Lambert

Head Groundsman
Gloucester Rugby

The Poa had crept in and we estimated it at 70 percent in 2019. Since starting with Attraxor® in May I have been able to suppress the Poa and through a reseeding program the greens are now 70 percent Bent, which is a great turnaround in such a short time period.

Warren Moss

Head Greenkeeper
Dudsbury Golf Course

Turf Height > 8 mm
Golf Tees, Surrounds and Fairways, Sports Pitches, Race Courses, Tennis
Situation Application Rate Water Volume Supplementary Nitrogen Spray Quality Application Interval
Poa annua is present 750 g/ha 300 - 600 L/ha 2.5 kg N/ha Medium 21 Days
Poa annua not present 750 - 1,500 g/ha 300 - 600 L/ha 2.5 kg N/ha Medium 21 Days
Turf Height < 8 mm
Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Fine Ornamental Lawns.
Situation Application Rate Water Volume Supplementary Nitrogen Spray Quality Application Interval
Poa annua is present 375 g/ha 300 - 600 L/ha 2.5 kg N/ha Medium 21 Days
Poa annua regulation 500 - 650 g/ha 300 - 600 L/ha 2.5 kg N/ha Medium 21 Days
Poa annua not present 650 - 1,500 g/ha 300 - 600 L/ha 2.5 kg N/ha Medium 21 Days

Tank Mix Companions

Option 1

Mix with ammonium sulphate in the tank to:

  1. Keep the spray solution within the optimal range of pH 4.5 - 5
  2. Provide supplementary nitrogen at a rate of 2.5 kg N/Ha

Option 2

Where nitrogen application is not the desirable mix, utilise a pH indicator followed by a turf pigment.

Suitable products:

  1. Water conditioner
  2. Green Lawnger Pro HC pigment at 1.2 L/ha

Active Substances - Prohexadione

Bio-Chemical Mode of Action: Prohexadione reduces plant growth by inhibiting the synthesis of gibberellins.

Mobility: Prohexadione has xylem mobile activity which means that it is absorbed through the leaves then moves upwards through the plant within the xylem (water conducting tissues).

Application Timing: Plant growth regulators should be applied when the plant is actively growing. It is recommended that prohexadione applications commence after 450 growth degree days in the year. Subsequent applications can take place every 21 days.

Find out more in Pitchcare article Enhance and perfect your turf management strategy with Attraxor

For further information on Attraxor®, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01902 440280.

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