0 Are you happy with the health risks of rubber crumb?

The results of our Twitter poll are in, and they overwhelmingly support the need for more research into the health risks of rubber crumb in 3G pitches

Rubber Crumb PollThere was record interaction with the poll, with over 300 people expressing their opinion on the matter. 57% of the people who voted agreed that more research was needed, and more people were concerned with the safety of the rubber crumb than were happy with this infill material.

At Pitchcare, we agree that more research is needed into the use of rubber crumb on synthetic pitches, and in light of the recent media coverage on the matter, we will be releasing an article, that will be appearing in the next issue of the magazine, ahead of the magazine send-out date.

Peter Britton's article, "Rubber Crumb- Is it the new asbestos?" will be released on the website at 12pm today.

For a previous article on the matter, please see the article, "FIFA Women's World Cup- a synthetic debate"

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