1 BLEC machines for perfect maintenance

BLEC machines for perfect maintenance

BLEC Landscaping and Equipment Co Ltd has earned a considerable reputation for manufacturing and supplying quality equipment for the preparation of golf courses, right through from earthmoving to finish seeding, including; scrapers, graders, rakes, soil preparators and seeders. For anyone looking for the ideal landscaping and seedbed preparation tool for landscaping, trench restoration, golf course construction or sports field maintenance, the latest range of Harley Power Box Rakes from BLEC are the ideal solution.

BLEC is offering special finance deals from HFGL on these extremely popular machines, a 3 in one machine for grading, levelling and raking, comprising of a rotary cultivator, box scraper/grader and a stoneraker.

As a leading manufacturer in specialist landscaping and turfcare equipment BLEC uses its vast engineering knowledge and experience to develop and manufacture products, specifically targeted at problem areas within this industry.

'Compaction' is one such issue. A major problem on all sports turf areas including golf greens. Surface compaction results in poor drainage preventing water air and nutrients from flowing easily down through the root structure. The lack of necessary ingredients for healthy plant development restricts grass root growth.

To combat this problem BLEC developed the BLEC GROUNDBREAKER, a one pass de-compactor utilising a combination of a slow moving rotor and the sequential positioning of the curved shaped blades, resulting in a de-compactor that is smooth in operation and is economical to use. The Groundbreakers heavy duty transmission drives a powerful rotor fitted with special hardened curved wedge shape blades that can penetrate the hardest of ground with ease, down to 10" (26cm). Not only do the blades cut a slit they also fracture the ground laterally. This is achieved by the sequential positioning of the blades creating a wave action across the full width of the machine. The wide flat skids that are positioned in between the blades and hold down the turf so preventing any upward movement. This virtually eliminates any surface disturbance.


Used in conjunction with the BLEC SANDMASTER attachment an ingeniously designed sand backfilling system which produces a matrix of sand bands across the complete worked area, faster and more efficiently than any previous system, it is possible to effectively surface drain any sports area with only a one pass operation.

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