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Broadway LebanonBroadway Golf Club in Worcestershire was established in 1895 and boasts incredible views across the Vale of Evesham to the Malvern Hills and Black Mountains. Located on very high ground, close to the beautiful village of Broadway, this course makes the most of the land's natural contours.

Broadway GC use Lebanon Fertiliser

Jamie Blake is the Course Manager at Broadway Golf Club and in spring 2015 he explained to Ray Hunt, Regional Technical Sales Manager at ALS, that he was looking for a fertiliser that would give him a strong initial response and deliver long, steady, consistent growth lasting up to three months. Jamie wanted this product to be easy to apply and break down quickly into the sward, avoiding mower and golfer pick up. Ray recommended Lebanon Country Club MD 18-0-18 +56%, comprised of slow release nitrogen to Jamie as it adhered to the criteria he was looking for.

Jamie applied the product to all nineteen greens and was very impressed with the results. "It does exactly what is says on the tin. We have had good consistent growth after it was applied in April, it broke down quickly and disappeared into the soil profile. I didn't have to apply any other granular fertiliser until July. I would definitely recommend it". Jamie has just re-ordered the 18-0-18 to constitute part of his 2016 spring greens management programme.

Lebanon Country Club MD fertiliser is imported from the USA exclusively by Maxell Amenity Ltd and features patented maximum dispersion technology and a proprietary particle composition which delivers numerous advantages over traditional N-P-K fertilisers. Used in the growing season, the 18-0-18 analysis is perfect for use on putting greens, bowls greens and all fine turf.

Advantages of Lebanon MD - Maximum Dispersion Technology

Stress Protection

Formulated with stress-buffering plant and soil life biostimulants, Lebanon Country Club MD fertiliser will assist your greens in preparation for the demands and high standard expectations of fine turf in growing season. The stress protection allows you to achieve optimal plant performance by safeguarding turf grass, before biotic and abiotic stress conditions become a problem. Turf managed using this technology will outperform untreated turf in overall quality and playability during stress conditions.

No Particle Migration

Due to the maximised dispersion technology, Lebanon MD fertiliser moves into the turf canopy so efficiently, that it practically eliminates any threat of particle migration in situations of over-watering or heavy rain events. The fast breakdown of the SGN 80 (0.5-1.5mm) granule confers the benefits of a liquid fertiliser in a granular application, specifically the avoidance of mower pickup, even distribution throughout the sward and profile, and helps prevent surface disruption to affect ball roll.

Sea Plant Kelp Meal and Humic Acids

Country Club MD fertiliser utilises sea plant kelp meal with multiple L-amino acids that the turf plant absorbs for healthy growth during stressful conditions. Humic acids serve as a soil microbial stimulator and organic chelator for today's high sand content putting greens, where organic matter is often extremely low. This organic biostimulant improves the turf plant's overall ability to take up nutrients for a longer period of time.

Amenity Land Solutions (ALS) are an official distributor of the Lebanon Country Club fertiliser range and can be contacted on the below details:
T: 01952 897415.
E: sales@amenity.co.uk
Ray Hunt is the Regional Technical Manager for ALS in the South West region and can be contacted on the below details.
E: ray.hunt@amenity.co.uk

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