0 BSH launch new seed mixture

Eco turfA grass seed mixture that has proven itself 'the comeback king' because of its resilience after being sprayed with potentially deadly glyphosate has provided a good solution for turf grower Eco Solutions.

Like others in the sector, Eco faces an ongoing battle to stop unwelcome Poa, or annual meadow grass (a.m.g.), from getting a foothold.

By spraying with a solution of glyphosate it kills 85% of the Poa but takes only the top growth of the emerging turf, producing new healthy blades within a few weeks.

The finished product is a lush, hard wearing turf that is loved by landscaping contractors, large and small.

The special seed mixture was developed and supplied by British Seed Houses.

Andy Mercer is the turf farm manager at Eco, the organics recycling company based in Christchurch, Dorset, within a short runway's distance of Bournemouth Airport.

Joe HendyHe said: "Left uncontrolled annual meadow grass can be a massive problem. It is effectively a weed that spoils the look of the grass and with shallow roots that break when the turf is lifted.

"It took a lot of testing at different growth stages but British Seed Houses worked with us to come up with the right seed mixture while we experimented with the strength of the glyphosate solution.

Between us we have created the perfect answer whereby the leaf is killed but not the roots and it is 80 to 85 per cent effective against Poa. After just a few weeks the top growth returns and we end up with a high quality product with little or no a.m.g.

"We have tried other people's grass seed mixtures but for us BSH's has proved itself by far the best."

Eco's turf farm covers 250 acres, sitting on mostly sandy loamy soil, and from there the company supplies landscaping contractors in the South East and South West, making it one of the largest turf suppliers in the region.

Joe Hendy, South Wales, West Midlands and South West technical sales representative for British Seed Houses, said: "Based on the results we have achieved over the past 24 months we have become Eco's major seed supplier.

"The mixture we have formulated, in consultation with Andy Mercer is a robust mixture of Perennial Ryegrasses and Fescues that is a good performer on poor soils.

"The end result is a hard wearing, relatively low maintenance general purpose turf that looks great and within reason is virtually indestructible!"


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