0 Bug Hotels Open for Business at RHS Garden Hyde Hall

Bugs and beasties will be warm and cosy this winter, thanks to two new bug hotels that have opened for business at RHS Garden Hyde Hall, near Chelmsford.

Made from old pallets and filled with lots of recycled materials from the garden such as flower pots, garden canes, twigs, straw and off-cuts of wood, the bug hotels were created and designed by garden staff and took just a couple of hours to build.

As well as providing shelter for all kinds of mini-beasts the hotels are interesting creations in their own right. Gardener, Tim Harper said: "This is definitely five star accommodation, and I'm sure guests will be checking in very soon."

Creatures likely to be taking up residence include animals that hibernate, such as frogs, toads, newts, grass snakes, slow worms and common lizards. Smaller animals, such as spiders, slugs, snails, woodlice, millipedes and centipedes will also shelter in the hotels over winter, or will use them for daytime cover in summer.

The other group of likely residents will be some solitary bees and wasps that use hollow plant stems and holes bored in logs as nest tunnels during the summer.

A bug hotel is a great addition to any garden, allotment or school ground as they make a great habitat for wildlife, so if you fancy having a go at making one yourself visit the RHS website for further information:


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