0 Burley Cricket Club stumped over railing 'vandalism'

Burley Cricket Club officials say the actions of suspected vandals could leave the club on a sticky wicket.

Brand new railings surrounding the club's pitch have been repeatedly knocked over, resulting in ponies getting onto the site and damaging the wicket. Incensed officials have alerted Hampshire police.

Last year, more than 80 people donated funds to help the club buy the £7,000 cast iron boundary.

Club chairman Peter Goodwin said: "Over the winter, the club found a section of the railings knocked over on a couple of occasions and initially we believed that the weather was the cause, as there had been high winds."

"But, it has carried on happening almost weekly and we've become convinced that someone is pushing them over on purpose."

"The railings are heavy and it takes a concerted effort to push three or four over at one time. Every time this happens, it puts strain on the railings that everyone connected with the club put so much effort into raise the funds to buy, and it also increases the chances of the Forest animals getting onto the wicket."

"That's already happened, and our groundsman has managed to repair the damage, but if the animals keep getting on the wicket that could easily end our season before we've barely got going."

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