0 Campey keep EU imports on time despite Brexit ports disruption

Despite the widely reported disruption at ports due to Brexit, Campey Turf Care Systems has maintained their EU import times.

As recently as 26th January machines were collected from Imants in The Netherlands one day and delivered to Campey headquarters the next. This has primarily been due to the work behind the scenes at Campey, with a significant emphasis on maintaining delivery times as part of the high level of customer service expected from the company and cus-tomers.

Suffering no disruption to date has been down to preparing for the changes as well as keeping on top of COVID-19 protocols, as Campey Director, Lee Morgado, explains.

"We knew with Brexit there would be rule changes and that could have an impact on im-ports at customs, so we've put a lot of work into making sure there are no delays.

"Obviously the circumstances away from Brexit with the pandemic have put a greater strain on the GB-EU border, but that is where we've really seen the preparation pay off because we haven't suffered any unnecessary delays and have been able to stick to our delivery schedules.

"A majority of it has been paperwork based and being proactive as situations change. Do-ing this means we are now in a place where our customers don't see a difference. For them, when they order an Imants machine or Air2G2, they still get it when they expect to, which was always our main priority."

Campey has worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that customers at all levels of sport can continue maintaining their turf, whether this is through new Coronavirus pro-tocols or guaranteed delivery times.

Customers who have any queries regarding imports or delivery times are encouraged to contact Campey directly by phone, email or using the contact form at campeyturfcare.com

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