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Managing your Mates?

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry tackles the challenge many have to face when they are promoted from within a work team. Should...

in Consultancy - on 24/5/15

Golf Artificial

Natural Turf Golf Greens

The onrush of artificial grass pitches into winter sports, plus the installation of multi use games areas pretty much everywhere else, has prompted agronomist...

in Consultancy - on 22/5/15


Hybrid Pitches

In his second article on winter sports pitches, Carl Pass, Managing Director of Premier Pitches Ltd., discusses hybrid pitch reinforcement systems and...

in Consultancy - on 14/4/15

Picture 1. 25 trees to be cleared

Poa Cores, of course!

When Ealing Golf Club decided they wanted a chipping green on a bit of scrubland, it was left to Course Manager Greg Evans to come up with a plan. Given...

in Consultancy - on 6/4/15


A wildflower area

John Handley, Maxwell Amenity’s Technical Manager, details the history of wildflower areas, their importance in the scheme of things and offers some...

in Consultancy - on 4/4/15

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Are you up to scratch?

In his third and final article on team performance, FrankNewberry explains the eight measures that will tell you if your team is up to scratch

in Consultancy - on 27/3/15


Compost teas

Has the advancing age of your putting green turf brought on more maintenance challenges, from an increased incidence and diversity of disease to more frequent...

in Consultancy - on 18/3/15

Iron photo1

Iron Pans

Cemented layers, which inhibit drainage, can occur in putting greens where different textures, such as sand and gravel, meet.

in Consultancy - on 14/3/15

Managing Moss

Managing Moss

Moss, like every living organism, loves moisture. The difference between a moss and other plants is that they do not require a root system for survival....

in Consultancy - on 15/2/15


The Greens Committee

Golf clubs create income, estimated to be in the region of £5.5 billion in the UK and Ireland alone, and over four million people play golf on a regular...

in Consultancy - on 9/2/15

LG Green Flag

Green Flag Award

Editor becomes Green Flag Award judge

in Consultancy - on 5/2/15

3rd Green Church Stretton

Compare and contrast...

When it comes to producing good quality putting surfaces, there is no set formula, with each course having differing topography, grass type, soil conditions...

in Consultancy - on 14/1/15

Frank newberry

Do you even need a team?

Before looking at the eight building blocks that need to be in place for a work team to succeed, Frank Newberry pauses to ask if we even need to have work...

in Consultancy - on 12/1/15

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Sports Diaries go live

Happy New Year to you all. Just a reminder that our Pitchcare January Sports Diaries are now live and available for viewing.

in Consultancy - on 1/1/15


A professional practice

Should you be in reflective mood on a daily basis? Can keeping a reflective diary really effect change? Ben Kebby, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent...

in Consultancy - on 18/12/14

RoyalOak AdditionalFencing

When's a tree not a tree?

That is a question that could be asked of the Royal Oak, perhaps the most famous tree in the world and one that countless public houses in England are...

in Consultancy - on 29/11/14

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Wrekin the rewards

Improving standards whilst reducing budgets is a conundrum that many UK golf clubs face in the current economic climate and the culture of pay and play...

in Consultancy - on 11/11/14

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A team of idiots?

Are you employing a team of idiots - or are they just tolerating you?

in Consultancy - on 5/11/14

liberty stadium

Winter lighting

In recent years, we have seen tremendous progress in the type and selection of floodlighting systems made available for sports clubs.

in Consultancy - on 4/11/14

Shetlands at Hockley 4 Mike Allen

Hampshire Wildlife Trust

David Rumble, Strategic Head of Conservation & Education at the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, outlines the work the trust are doing with two...

in Consultancy - on 21/10/14