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Weather corner; 110

This summer has served as a timely reminder that two of the main consequences we face as a result of our changing climate industry concern irrigation and...

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Going Dutch on N and P

European countries are leading change in their nitrogen and phosphate inputs. How will this affect the UK amenity market and your surfaces?

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Thank A Greenkeeper Day

Today is a ThankAGreenkeeper Day. Pitchcare is proud to support BIGGA and greenkeepers for all they do for the game. James Kimmings took a trip to a course...

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Ongoing challenges

There has been plenty in the news recently covering how European standards are changing to stop one of the Netherlands’ peak polluters - Nitrogen. Our...

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2024 Champions League

The final design features local elements of the host city combined with iconic aspects of the competition.

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Agronomy - September 2023

September is the month when we generally see a noticeable change in weather away from summer conditions into autumn. There is a clear difference in day...

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Budget and grants

We spoke to volunteer groundsman, Tom Banks, to find out what it is like working on a budget and the importance of grants from The Football Foundation...

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Agronomy - August 2023

As we wave goodbye to July, we must prepare for August, the starting point for shorter days and cooler nights.

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Weather corner; 109

The climate framework within which we manage turfgrass is undoubtedly changing.

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Professional recognition

Wages, the cost of living and professional recognition are contributing to a skill exodus from the turf care profession.

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Industry Shake up?

With the cost of living and interest rates soaring, we talk to both the GMA and BIGGA, and look at why simple labouring and low skilled job roles have...

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Agronomy - July 2023

There has been some exceptional weather in June, which has been great for an active social life, but not necessarily so great for managing turf.

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British manufacturing

Kerry Haywood speaks to a selection of British manufacturers to discover the impact of Brexit, the pandemic and global logistics and what that means for...

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Agronomy - June 2023

We have seen minimal rainfall over the last couple of weeks and it is now causing turf issues, with watering becoming increasingly important.

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Life-saving devices

Royal Dornoch Golf Club is thought to be the first golf club in the world to fit defibrillators to all its buggies. The buggies chosen to carry this potentially...

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Mark Hunt weather corner

Our industry expert Mark Hunt, talks about Poa annua seeding. In the past, this used to be the very end of April, start of May, but our warming winters...

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Industry updates

This issue is packed with topical, informative content including a comprehensive guide to IPM, an insightful look into British manufacturing, BASIS FACTS...

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35-Year Work Anniversary

Toro U.K. Limited honored their long-term employee, Territory Sales Manager Alistair Tod, who recently celebrated his 35th anniversary with the...

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Mental health Awareness Week-logo-2023.jpg

2023 Healthier Nation

A new survey of 8,000 UK adults has highlighted an increase in mental health transparency in the workplace.

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Managing greens footfall

We sat down with James Matthewman to discuss the effect that footfall has had on his course to gain the best possible tips for dealing with the compaction...

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