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Back on track!

When the route for HS2 was announced, Ingestre Park Golf Club’s existence was threatened. Club officials successfully battled hard to save its future....

in Technical - on 24/3/22

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The pain of renovation

The journey is never over, from initial moves to firm up surfaces, to the wholesale change of turf grass species. The bigger the step that needs to be...

in Technical - on 6/3/22


Let the journey begin ...

Sene Valley Golf Club in Hythe, Kent have embarked on a long journey to improve the course’s infrastructure that involves all aspects; cost-effective...

in Technical - on 4/1/22


Battery advancements

Recognising the health benefits and brand value that can be gained from putting sustainability under the spotlight, manufacturers have been working closely...

in Technical - on 26/11/21

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Covering all Bases

Professional sports turf maintenance is no stranger to advancements in technology changing the way work is done. Over the past decade, there have been...

in Technical - on 6/9/21


Grass Health Watch

FairWay Awards has been tracking sports turf grass health in the UK using remote satellite monitoring platform for the last 3 years

in Technical - on 20/8/21


Petrol safe practice

If you work with petrol powered equipment, you will likely be aware of the many legal requirements and regulations set out to protect you and your employees...

in Technical - on 18/8/21


Understanding Carbon

Carbon, a name that you will most likely have become increasingly familiar with in recent years, and one which fundamentally shapes the planet that you...

in Technical - on 26/6/21


Have you got worms?

‘What have you got for worms’ has been the most asked question I’ve received in the past year. And, unfortunately, my answer every single time has...

in Technical - on 17/6/21


Measuring soil strength

The Adams and Stewart soil binding test (ASSB) or Motty test as it is commonly known is still a very good method for measuring soil strength. Particularly...

in Technical - on 25/4/21


Plant stress; sports turf

Drones and remote sensing technology, such as multispectral and thermal cameras, have the potential to detect early symptoms of stress in turf grass. This...

in Technical - on 6/4/21


The cost benefits

Clive Nottingham of Hunter Grinders highlights the benefits of Relief Grinding to improve performance and enhance cost savings

in Technical - on 12/3/21


‘Most weather’ pitches

It’s that time of year when various named storms sweep across the Atlantic to batter the UK, whilst various other weather patterns bring freezing temperatures...

in Technical - on 14/12/20


Controlling spending

In this article, David Jackman, operations manager at Reesink Turfcare, takes a look at how to control spending and avoid spending surprises, allocating...

in Technical - on 21/11/20


The facts of science

Nearly two years ago, back when the world still felt relatively normal, I decided to leave the world of academia and research and step into commerce. To...

in Technical - on 15/8/20


Pond algae control

With mild summer conditions proving a catalyst, preventative action using cultural control methods is encouraged to effectively manage filamentous...

in Technical - on 10/8/20


Batteries: the basics

Vince Brauns, European Product Manager at cordless outdoor power equipment specialist EGO Power Plus, explains the evolution of battery technology, the...

in Technical - on 27/7/20


Grounds maintenance input

In this article, Daniel Ratling, BSc Hons. PCert TSC, Head Groundsman at Whitgift School in London, considers plant-soil interactions and how we turf managers...

in Technical - on 13/7/20

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Stage V for cleaner air

For years, engine and machinery manufacturers across the outdoor power equipment industry have been working towards lower exhaust emissions and cleaner...

in Technical - on 8/6/20

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Technology and turfcare

The world of smart technology is evolving exponentially, and it is thought by 2020 that over 200 billion devices will be talking to each other and sending...

in Technical - on 29/4/20