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Leaf clearance made easy

Autumn for turfcare professionals means one thing: leaves – and lots of them. Millions of kilos of leaf debris cover golf courses, parks, pathways and...

in Technical - on 16/10/23


Winter soil surfactants

Autumn and winter months bring plenty of challenges for stadium and pitch managers. Lower light levels and cooler temperatures shifts focus to managing...

in Technical - on 5/10/23


GreenGrounds future

Great strides have been made in making sustainability in grounds an accepted part of the landscape for the industry and it’s easy to see the progress...

in Technical - on 25/8/23


2023 - quality/quantity

2023 is certainly not without its issues. Here, Jon Cole, divisional business manager - turfcare at Reesink Turfcare, considers the climate and the change...

in Technical - on 26/6/23


Navigating weather

What wetter winters and drier summers mean for landscapers and groundspersons. Forty countries, covering 2,309 jurisdictions and accounting for over one...

in Technical - on 24/4/23


Turf and a hard place

The ongoing dilemma between presenting to high standards and addressing stakeholders’ environmental concerns is especially striking when it comes to...

in Technical - on 29/3/23


Toro make difficult easy

With economic uncertainty as it is, it’s never been more important to consider more than just the equipment’s purchase price. Now, with Toro’s myTurf...

in Technical - on 9/3/23


Electric machinery

Electric turfcare machinery is, as we know, the future of the industry, it’s the reality we’re moving towards. Many greenkeeping professionals are...

in Technical - on 9/1/23


Platinum TE expands

November 28, 2022 – LaGrange, Georgia, USA: Platinum TE Paspalum recently issued production and distribution licenses to two international turf farms....

in Technical - on 30/11/22


Sustainability agenda

as part of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, which brings together sports organisations from all over the world to achieve climate change goals,...

in Technical - on 20/10/22


Healthy water this summer

There are scientific reasons why we’re drawn to water, it’s calming, peaceful and inspiring, adding beauty to any landscape. Our love for it is pervasive...

in Technical - on 29/8/22


Back on track!

When the route for HS2 was announced, Ingestre Park Golf Club’s existence was threatened. Club officials successfully battled hard to save its future....

in Technical - on 24/3/22

Pitchcare - Early season renovation to reduce organic matter 2.gif

The pain of renovation

The journey is never over, from initial moves to firm up surfaces, to the wholesale change of turf grass species. The bigger the step that needs to be...

in Technical - on 6/3/22


Let the journey begin ...

Sene Valley Golf Club in Hythe, Kent have embarked on a long journey to improve the course’s infrastructure that involves all aspects; cost-effective...

in Technical - on 4/1/22


Battery advancements

Recognising the health benefits and brand value that can be gained from putting sustainability under the spotlight, manufacturers have been working closely...

in Technical - on 26/11/21

Independant Schools - Turf Tank Finborough - Marking Rugby.jpg

Covering all Bases

Professional sports turf maintenance is no stranger to advancements in technology changing the way work is done. Over the past decade, there have been...

in Technical - on 6/9/21


Grass Health Watch

FairWay Awards has been tracking sports turf grass health in the UK using remote satellite monitoring platform for the last 3 years

in Technical - on 20/8/21


Petrol safe practice

If you work with petrol powered equipment, you will likely be aware of the many legal requirements and regulations set out to protect you and your employees...

in Technical - on 18/8/21


Understanding Carbon

Carbon, a name that you will most likely have become increasingly familiar with in recent years, and one which fundamentally shapes the planet that you...

in Technical - on 26/6/21


Have you got worms?

‘What have you got for worms’ has been the most asked question I’ve received in the past year. And, unfortunately, my answer every single time has...

in Technical - on 17/6/21