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How To - pre-start checks

In the next of the series of How To videos, Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, shows simple steps for pre-start checks on a ride-on mower.

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How To - setting cut

In this series of How To videos, Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, gives a step by step guide how to correctly set a cylinder mower on cut.

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The Rotary Club

Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, an operating division of Ransomes Jacobsen, looks at the pros and cons of the various rotary...

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Technical collaboration

The amenity market is increasingly facing legislative challenges to historical turf management practices leaving end users seeking reputable and tested...

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A most difficult year

I’ve written a few articles about the work that we carry out at Shrewsbury Town FC over the last few years. Generally, as an industry, we all manage...

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Maintaining integrity

Richard Allen of EcoBunker explains how to make bunkers hold up to spells of extreme weather

in Technical - on 15/10/18

An ongoing task

Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, an operating division of Ransomes Jacobsen looks at the topic of planned preventative...

in Technical - on 3/10/18

Forever blowing bubbles

Reg Varney, international sales manager for water specialist, Otterbine, says that seasonal factors can have a dramatic effect on water quality, with the...

in Technical - on 7/9/18

What lies beneath

With cost, permeability, and performance all key contributing factors in the construction of 3G pitches, and specification largely governed by carpet manufacturers,...

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Renovation (only cheaper)

We’ve had a couple of requests for autumn renovation advice from those cricket clubs on the tightest budgets, and thought we’d put a little something...

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Sprayer technology

Rob Hayward is an export sales manager at Ransomes Jacobsen. He manages several dealerships in the UK and Sweden, with a special interest in sprayers,...

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The threat of resistance

The ability to control weeds on and around sportsfields, facility grounds and ornamental areas using herbicides is easily taken for granted. But, what...

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How fast is it growing?

Jason Haines, Golf Course Superintendent at Pender Harbour Golf Club in British Columbia, Canada, offers his thoughts on the benefits of measuring clipping...

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Dollar Spot on the rise

Outbreaks of Dollar Spot have become far more common since the turn of the century. Michael Fance, Technical Support Manager at Aquatrols Europe Ltd.,...

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Nathan clear for takeoff!

Nathan Hume will be flying off to Louisville in Kentucky in October, as part of his reward for winning the Amenity Forum Sprayer Operator of the Year....

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Freshly seeded areas

James Grundy is back with another Technical Tip video! This time he is looking at some freshly seeded areas and advising on what you can do to help seedling...

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Irrigation system upgrade

There are a number of words associated with the renovation and upgrading of an existing golf course irrigation system, of which ‘disruptive’ and ‘expensive’...

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Benefits of soil biology

Rethinking course maintenance at Harpenden Common Golf Club to focus on soil biology has reaped rewards on the course and in the clubhouse

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