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Powerline Services_EVO 165DT_1.jpg

Limited Edition EVO ...

Exclusively running GreenMech woodchippers for more than 20 years, Powerline Services (MLJ) Ltd have recently added their latest machine into the fleet...

in Woodland Management - 2 weeks, 1 day ago

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GreenMech revolution

Having cemented their position in the 6” market with the revolutionary EVO 165 series, GreenMech are introducing its ‘big brother’ in the shape of...

in Woodland Management - on 17/6/21

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EVO 165D unstoppable

Almost a year on from taking delivery, Peter Greathead of PWG Tree Surgery is still being surprised by the seemingly ‘unstoppable’ performance of his...

in Woodland Management - on 27/5/21


Christmas all year round

The battery-powered Pellenc Prunion pruning shears have proved to be instrumental in helping one of the UK’s largest Christmas tree growers

in Woodland Management - on 5/5/21

Day Tree Fellers - EVO165D45LE.JPG

GreenMech’s EVO delivers

Reflecting the growth in the company and scope of the projects undertaken, Maidstone-based Day Tree Fellers have just purchased their 4th GreenMech woodchipper...

in Woodland Management - on 24/3/21

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EVO 165P Sub-750

They say things come in threes and for Greg Tucker, Owner of GT Tree Services, the new EVO 165P Sub-750 from GreenMech ticked three major boxes when it...

in Woodland Management - on 17/2/21


Frank Alviti taking over

The strategic re-alignment of the GreenMech dealer network continues with the announcement that Frank Alviti will be taking over the areas of Herefordshire,...

in Woodland Management - on 22/12/20


New £4m tree fund

The government has unveiled a cash boost of nearly £4m to reach its target of 30,000 hectares of new trees per year by 2025

in Woodland Management - on 17/12/20

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A real ‘pocket rocket’

In such a turbulent year, for Roy Brown of R M Brown Tree Services, when it came to purchasing a new woodchipper there was no better time to stick with...

in Woodland Management - on 7/12/20


Biodegradable tree guards

A new range of biodegradable guards are now available, helping to reduce the environmental impact of planting new whips and improving landscape...

in Woodland Management - on 16/11/20


GreenMech south dealer

GreenMech Ltd have announced a rationalisation of their dealer network in the South and South East, which will see an expansion in coverage area for existing...

in Woodland Management - on 8/11/20


Brodsworth Bounces Back!

Brodsworth Hall, virtually unchanged since the 1860s, is one of the most complete surviving examples of a Victorian country house in England. Located in...

in Woodland Management - on 9/10/20

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GA Plant take delivery

GA Plant and Tool Hire in Swindon have become the first company to take delivery of a brand-new EVO 165P SUB-750 woodchipper from GreenMech. Delivering...

in Woodland Management - on 7/10/20

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Warley Woods reaching out

A West Midlands historic landscape is gaining national recognition as a community trust reaching out to secure vital funding, including the help of a national...

in Woodland Management - on 3/10/20

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Dead wood is dead good

There’s a saying amongst ecologists and entomologists that ‘dead wood is dead good’, which refers to the importance to wildlife placed on seemingly...

in Woodland Management - on 21/8/20


GreenMech QuadChip 160

Offering the ultimate flexibility for kerbside working, a QuadChip 160 from GreenMech is the chipper of choice for Andrew Steel of AS Treecare - assisting...

in Woodland Management - on 19/8/20


EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw

With the launch of the EGO Power+ 45cm chainsaw (CS1800E), market-leading cordless specialist EGO is helping gardening, landscaping, arboriculture professionals...

in Woodland Management - on 4/8/20

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GreenMech's lighter model

‘We listened, we worked and we made it awesome’ - that was the mantra of GreenMech when they launched their EVO series at the 2019 Arb Show

in Woodland Management - on 27/7/20


Aspen fuel Redwood

Thirteen years into not using petrol from the pump, Nick Rose - Owner of Redwood Tree Services Ltd - says making the switch to Aspen Alkylate Fuel has...

in Woodland Management - on 20/7/20

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Terrain aerates deep

Armed with a number of solutions, Terrain Aeration have been treating trees in all types of situation for over twenty-five years, from back gardens to...

in Woodland Management - on 24/5/20