0 Complete Weed Control celebrates 30 years of growth!

Complete Weed Control celebrates 30 years of growth!

Weeds are everywhere. They have always been with us, and no doubt will continue to cause problems for a long time to come. A fact pointed out with satisfaction by Roger Turner, Managing Director and founder of Complete Weed Control, which this year celebrates thirty years of successful business.

Providing specialist weed control services to a wide variety of amenity, local authority, industrial, aquatic and forestry areas, Complete Weed Control rejoice in a growth market - literally! From an initial seven franchisees in 1982, the company now fields a nationwide network of 44 successful businesses regularly supplying and applying specialised weed control techniques.

"Companies that have used our services range from Butlins, Shell Oil and British Waterways to local golf courses, small industrial estates and local authorities," Roger explains. "It's the ubiquitous nature of weeds that makes our potential marketplace absolutely huge, and their persistence in even the most unlikely environments that means ours is a regular, growing business."

The weeds are only half the story, however. It is effective forward planning in times of change and a commitment to investment in new technology that has kept Complete Weed Control ahead of the game, as the introduction of complex Health & Safety legislation together with a growing emphasis on environmental issues has created new and greater demands from customers.

"There is much greater emphasis now on Health & Safety, and improved environmental awareness generally," Roger explains. "Today we use much less chemical to achieve the same results, and use covered sprayers and systems to target weeds accurately and effectively. We also provide customers with full technical back up."

Complete Weed Control's innovations include the development of Ecospray, a revolutionary new drift free sprayer which was awarded the status of a Millennium Product by the Design Council and was displayed in the Millennium Dome; and the award winning Weed It, a breakthrough in optic sensor technology that targets weeds, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

Reflecting on twenty-one years of franchising, Roger Turner estimates that approximately a quarter of a million hectares have been treated for selective weed control, and over one million kilometres of pavements and public footpaths have benefited from total weed control. This equates to thousands of golf courses, sports pitches, airfields and parks, as well as hard surfaces such as tennis courts, car parks and synthetic playing surfaces.

"Add that to the many lakes, rivers, ponds and canals treated by Complete Weed Control, and you begin to have an idea of what we mean when we say we are in the 'growth business'!" smiles Roger.

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