0 Cut to the chase with Toro Edgemax Bedknives

Switching out the old and worn for a new set of Toro EdgeMax bedknives will save you time and money and bring a sharper cut to your Toro greens and fairway mowers.

Now is the perfect time of year, before the growing season starts, to check for worn bedknives and ensure you're ahead of the game by choosing a high-quality replacement.

Brought to the UK by Reesink Turfcare, Toro's bedknives come with a host of benefits. Made of solid, hardened steel, Toro EdgeMax bedknives provide up to three times longer edge retention than a standard fairway bedknife and twice as long for greens.

Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink, says: "With Toro EdgeMax bedknives you know you're getting the genuine, original part for a reasonable cost, which will ultimately save you more in the future."

Replace your bedknives quickly and without the hassle or stress of gambling on will-fit competitors. Michael continues: "With genuine Toro parts, you can be sure you're getting first-rate parts built to fit perfectly with your machine, with consistent hole alignment on every bedknife, certified and trackable steels coils and computer-controlled machining and finishing, thanks to Toro's leading manufacturing process."

Designed to meet strict Toro engineering specifications, the longer lasting bedknives don't sacrifice on quality and guarantee excellent after-cut appearance. Plus with the bedknives staying sharper for longer, the machine incurs less wear, enabling it to work more efficiently and smoothly, delivering a healthier turf.

Available across Toro's Greensmaster and Reelmaster ranges on models fitted with DPA (Dual Precision Adjustment) cutting units, EdgeMax bedknives bring a 9.5mm and above height of cut to fairways and a 1.59mm and above height of cut to greens.

To find out more or place on order, contact Reesink's parts department on 01480 226870 or visit: www.reesinkturfcare.co.uk;

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