0 Cyprus Golf Development Conference

Cyprus Golf Development Conference

15th October 2005

The Conference - A Unique Learning and Networking Opportunity
This one day conference provides a unique forum for all involved, whether owners, developers, professionals (chartered surveyors and architects), investors, consultants, analysts, operators or suppliers, to really explore the issues, learn and benefit from this unique event.

The conference will be focusing on the commercial, investment and design aspects of the golf development, management and resort industry.

It will be a first class networking opportunity between interested parties both from Cyprus and internationally.

The event will involve Golf outing and an exciting social programme.

Its primary focus will be:-

• Trends in Golf course and resort development
• Residential communities with golf, spa and other amenities
• Cyprus as an emerging Golf Resort destination
• What is required to develop golf and golf-focused tourism and real estate infrastructure in Cyprus - lessons from Europe
• What measures are needed to kick-start the emerging European 'golf destinations' in an environmentally sustainable, profitable and intelligent way?
• Why are many European courses going bankrupt or facing financial troubles and what are the key factors for successful golf course business?
• What are the trends in golf course and resort design?
• What are the golf trends in the fastest-growing European regions, including South Eastern Europe?
• How can effective golf course management create significant value for owners and investors?
• Policies and practices adopted by other European Countries
• Valuation methodologies of golf courses

See link for details :-Cyprus Golf Development Conference

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