0 Demand for generators and portable power set to rocket in 2023, Cobra predicts

As Google searches for 'portable generators for sale' surge by 743% and 'generators for the home' see a 303% search increase compared to this time last year, Cobra Garden Machinery suggests that this demand will see generator sales skyrocket in 2023.

Generators have offered hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, and countless other commercial properties and businesses the insurance of a backup energy supply in the event of a power shortage for many years. Designed to prevent the disruption of daily activities or business operations, they have long been seen as an invaluable and necessary appliance.

But with the gas supply crisis deepening and threatening country-wide blackouts, soaring energy costs, and the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, it seems that portable generators are becoming a vital appliance in households too, with sales in 2022 seeing a 203% increase already. Many are investing in their own portable generators to provide a secure energy supply during these difficult periods, particularly with Ofcom encouraging us all to reduce the amount of power we are using.

Whether it's bringing power to gardens and allotments or powering caravans, motor homes, camper vans, sensitive electronics such as computers and TVs, or a wider range of domestic and commercial uses, inverter generators are becoming a backup energy supply for households up and down the country. Growth is not expected to slow down any time soon either as the portable generator market is estimated to be worth over £4.89 billion ($5.87 billion) by 2026, compared to £3.2 billion ($3.8 billion) in.2018.

Peter Chaloner, Managing Director of the UK's leading manufacturer of garden tools, Cobra, discusses the recent surge and says: "It is evident that we are facing some difficult times here in the UK and, as a result, we've seen the demand for our inverter generators increase. We anticipate that this demand will only continue to grow over the next year, as the gas crisis and energy costs show no sign of slowing down. While many manufacturers have increased the price of generators to profit from the demand, we're proud to say that the price of our portable inverter generators has stayed the same, offering a more affordable and cost-effective source of power."

Cobra's range of inverter generators are convenient and cost-effective sources of power, offering a quiet, clean and reliable appliance. Each generator is compatible with E10 fuel, and with a 230 voltage, they can power sensitive electronics, such as computers, DVD players, TVs, kettles, irons, and larger domestic and commercial items, including refrigerators and ovens.

Cobra's IG10SI 1.0kW 4-Stroke Petrol Generator is the smallest in the range, with a run time of up to five hours and a 3.6L tank capacity. Its larger counterpart, the Cobra IG20SI 2.0kW 4-Stroke Petrol Generator offers an increased six hours of running time and a larger 4.2L tank capacity. Similarly, the IG32ESI 3.2kW 4-Stroke Petrol Generator boasts a 7.4L tank capacity and up to six hours of running time.

To use, simply fill the generator with petrol and plug in the devices and items into the socket on the side of the generator as if it were a normal mains plug and it will keep them up and running.

Cobra products are available to buy online at www.cobragarden.co.uk or via a network of expert dealers across the UK.

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