0 Getting Personal with George Mills - West Herts

George Mills - he dislikes Laura Kuenssberg, but he has the best job in the world!

Who are you? George Mills, Site Manager at West Herts Sports Club.

Family status. I have a wife Amy and a dog called Hunter - who comes to work with me.

Who's your hero and why? My dad, Bob. He taught me everything I know and sparked my interest in the industry. I wouldn't be here today without his help and support.

What's been the highlight of your grounds career so far? Probably being so heavily involved in the 1.8 million pound site renovation.

If your younger self saw you now, what would he think? I think I would be surprised that I'm still at West Herts. I always enjoyed working here, but I initially planned to be here for three or four years and then move on. The club have taken such good care of me that I stayed around.

Which famous people wind you up? Journalist Laura Kuenssberg. Not overly famous, but when she comes on to ask questions during the covid briefings, I have to turn the TV over.

What job would you love, other than your own? I love where I am now because I like multi-sports sites. I think working at a private school or something similiar to West Herts, but on a bigger scale would be a good challenge.

What is your favourite film? Equilibrium.

What scares you? If you ask my wife, taking time off work!

What is your favourite sport? Cricket - I play lots of cricket, I'm also a qualified cricket coach. I'm a Chelsea fan and play a bit of football as well.

What would you cast into Room 101? Foxes. They dig holes and poo everywhere!

Do you have a lifetime ambition? Just to live a happy life and have a family ... all very boring!

Which three people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party? My granddad, dad and brother.

What's your favourite smell? It has to be in spring with freshly cut grass.

Which three albums would you take to a desert island? Any rock music ... Muse, Metallica and/or Greenday.

What's the daftest work-related question you have ever been asked? I once got asked why I had planted loads of dead trees. They were Copper Beech, in November!

What's your favourite piece of kit? Our new John Deere 3038R tractor.

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Honest committed and a perfectionist.

What is the single most useful thing you could tell a 16-year-old groundsperson? You probably won't end up rich, but a few times a year you stand back and feel pride in your work. For me, those days make it the best job in the world.

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