0 Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser proves its versatility at Helix Park, Falkirk.

Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser at Helix Park in front of the Kelpies 2015 (4)The Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser has proven to be the pinnacle of versatility for Lucy Gillie, Helix Park Supervisor, who is in charge of the 350-hectare site in Falkirk.

The machine was sold to the Falkirk Community Trust and has been used across the site to help maintain the paths, roads and park spaces within Helix Park.

With such varied grass areas to maintain it was important that Lucy Gillie and her team of ten had a machine that could be used freely throughout the park and she explains the Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser has been exactly what they needed.

She said: "The T4 Cruiser is great because we can use it throughout the park on all of our different grass areas due to the variety of cutting heads. We generally use it for cutting, collecting and removing thatch.

"We use the cutting deck with the collection mower in the wild flowers so we can collect the seeds whilst the cut and drop deck is great for the amenity areas and the wander hose and sweeping brush are ideal for clearing the larger debris we get around the park.

"One of the biggest advantages of the machine is that it works at full speed in all conditions if you have the right cutting head on it, so it is very fast working and efficient."

Helix Park was opened in 2013 and was incorporated into the original idea for The Helix site in 2003, which was to build an Eco park that would connect communities between Falkirk and Grangemouth.

12 years on, the site which includes the spectacular Kelpies, now connects 16 communities with the zone at the heart of The Helix attracting dog walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters.

The vast area requires constant upkeep from Lucy Gillie and her team and this brings out the best in the Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser.

Because the machine is in constant use by the grounds maintenance team whilst the public are using the park the safety and comfort features of the machine are very important.

"We use the machine a lot and operators can be in there for long periods of time so the cab specification is great for us," she explains.

"It's really good for comfort and has a lot of space which is what you want if you're going to be in there all day.

"It gets used a lot when the public are in the park so the safety features are a big advantage and it's important that the machine looks good for when the visitors are there."

Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser at Helix Park in front of the Kelpies 2015 (6)"The size of the collection tank is also brilliant because we don't have to empty all of the time meaning we can get more work done around the site.

"The height of the machine is also good when it comes to getting under tree's because we don't catch any of the branches and it's just another thing that makes the machine so much easier to use around the park."

Hugh Ramsay, Area Sales Manager for Fife-based Double A Trading Company has now supplied 4 Gianni Ferrari professional mowers to Falkirk Community Trust. He explains why they are such an obvious choice.

"The collection tank of the Gianni Ferrari T4 Cruiser is the largest on the comparable market with a volume of 1300 litres allowing it to work for longer.

Whilst the cab is suspended on anti-vibration mountings and, due to the usage of electric and electro-hydraulic controls, there is no rigid mechanical linkage between the cab and the machine.

Therefore the driver's seat is completely insulated from the traction unit giving the operator space and comfort to carry out work."

For more general information on the Gianni Ferrari range of professional mower/collectors please visit www.gianniferrari.com.

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