0 Help - Disease identification

Help - Disease identification

One of the primary reasons for establishing Pitchcare was to create a forum for helping and advising others. Professionals at the top of their trade, keen volunteers helping out a local club level or enthusiastic amateurs, all use our website for a variety of reasons - some need help, some offer advice.

This week we have had the type of request that warrants a special mention. A very nice gentleman from the North East sent in the following, with a very good image of his problem.

Anyone any suggestions? If so, please reply in the Message Board section under Turf.


I am a member of Pitchcare.


I am now very worried about the situation and am considering hiring a Husqvarma AR 19 aerator next month to punch out 3" cylindrical plugs of earth, which hopefully can then be filled appropriately with a suitable sand, and the areas resown with grass seed. This work is probably best done next month (September).

However I feel it is first important to check that there is not a different cause, such as a fungal disease(fusarium?).

I would very much appreciate your comments and help before I embark on the treatment indicated above.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

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