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The industry faces legislative challenges in many areas as the portfolio of plant protection products available to end users decreases following the withdrawal of active ingredients. Where new technologies are launched, pressure to reduce the levels of active ingredients applied effectively means strength, and thus margin for error and efficacy, may be reduced.

In both situations, the practical outcomes in the field require an adjustment in mindset, and adjustment in management approach.

Now, more than ever, if we continue to do what we have always done, we will not, as the popular phrase would have us believe; 'get what we have always got', rather we will get new and possibly, inferior results.

Never more is this principle relevant than with the notification of the intention to withdraw Iprodione, and with it, two tools from the greenkeeper and grounds persons locker. Within ALS's portfolio, this affects the fungicides Chipco Green and Interface, with the facts as they are today being:

On the 6th October 2017, the European Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed voted for the non-renewal of approval of the active substance Iprodione in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 - Articles 20(1) and 78(2).

This effectively means manufacturers, distributors and end users have been given notification of impending withdrawal of Iprodione, and consequently all plant protection products containing this active substance.

At this point, we are currently in a holding period before the official publication of withdrawal. This publication of withdrawal is due two months after the 6th October vote.

As a result of the two month holding period between the vote on the 6th October and official publication of withdrawal, we can expect the official withdrawal notice to appear around the start of December 2017.

Due to the reasons for withdrawal being down to human health concerns, the withdrawal period is forecast to be short. With a projected three months for withdrawal from sale by distributors, ahead of another three month use up and disposal of stock by end users.

Given that the Withdrawal Notice is forecast to be published in early December, and the withdrawal from sale and withdrawal from use periods are forecast to be 3 months each, we can currently expect the following:

ESTIMATED date to be withdrawn from Sale: early/mid-February 2018

ESTIMATED date to be withdrawn from use and Disposal of Stocks: May/June 2018

However; these dates are preliminary forecasts, actual dates will be confirmed around the start of December once the Chemical Regulation Division - CRD - HSE, have publicised the official Notification of Withdrawal document.

Technically, Iprodione has not yet been withdrawn, it has been voted to 'not be renewed for approval', and we are awaiting notification of the details surrounding withdrawal.

ALS Senior Technical Manager, James Grundy commented:

"The possibility of the withdrawal of Iprodione has been on the horizon for some time, and the vote for non-renewal of this active substance reduces the tools available to turf managers at all levels of the industry. Whilst this is disappointing, it also provides a stimulating challenge and positive opportunity to fully embrace Integrated Turf Management practices and new methods of operating. Working closely with key industry partners, it has been clear to us for some time that a proactive ethos to prevention is better than a reactive, curative approach. Applying the correct cultural, nutritional and agronomic principles to minimise disease can produce excellent results.

We will continue to work closely with our key partners, whilst at the same time purposefully striving for excellence by expanding our own range of non-pesticidal plant defence stimulating products. Essential, also, is effective communication, practical support and managing expectation to inform turf managers at all levels of the industry, how they can go about achieving the very best outcomes moving forward."

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