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As the magazine is published, so comes the important news of full approval for Acelepryn. The timely announcement now gives turf managers a firm weapon in the armoury to help control the threat of grub damage.

We get the full statement from Syngenta on page 8, plus a comprehensive guide to IPM for these soil-dwelling pests which involves: identification of the pest, establishment of action thresholds and treatment priorities, monitoring and appropriate action. Undertaking these steps will help to reduce the threat of damage caused by chafer grubs and leatherjackets.

In other industry news, a number of Associations including the FA, SAPCA and England Rugby, have recently released a joint statement relating to the environmental sustainability of artificial grass pitches and the use of rubber crumb in 3G pitches (read more on page 6). For years, Pitchcare has been lobbying for a better understanding and potential ban on the use of rubber infill and the recent statement affirms our findings and concerns over the years. I hope that the statement brings forward quick action for clarity and safety on all pitches across the country.

This issue is packed with topical, informative content including an insightful look into British manufacturing and the impact of Brexit, the pandemic and global logistics. I spoke to a selection of British manufacturers (page 30) to discover what all that means for turfcare innovation.

We also have our regular Top Tips - this issue covering BASIS FACTS qualifiication (page 16) and the benefits of this Certificate of Competence in Fertiliser Advice. Plus, James Matthewman analyses three varieties of seed; fescue, bent and ryegrass to explore which one is best in different climates and applications (page 70). Also, our weather expert Mark Hunt expands on the disruption Poa annua can cause depending on temperatures (page 42).

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