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Turfgrass Services International Limited t/a Inturf

We have issued this press statement today to set the record straight in response to the public announcement of the suspension of Inturf's maintenance duties at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

In November last year it was agreed with the Millennium Stadium to re-turf the pitch. The Millennium Stadium's representatives were made fully aware that re-turfing the pitch in the winter months would give rise to stability issues as turf will not root into the underlying soil when the temperature is below optimum, which was the case this winter. In full knowledge of these risks the Millennium Stadium instructed Inturf to carry out the re-turfing of the 7412 pallets which make up the pitch at the Millennium Stadium. Increasing concerns regarding the stability of the turf were due to be discussed at a meeting with Paul Sergeant, General Manager of the Millennium Stadium at 7.30 on Friday 21st January 2005 but Mr. Sergeant failed to attend.

Furthermore light watering was necessary to address the potential stability problems; the situation was exacerbated by the decision of the Millennium Stadium to play on a dry surface contrary to the recommendations of the agronomic experts and Inturf.

In short:

1. The decision to resurface the pitch was taken by Millennium Stadium in full knowledge the risk of stability problems - slippage as was seen last Saturday;

2. The problem of slippage was worsened as a consequence of the decision of the Millennium Stadium to play on a dry surface.

We are not able to make any further comments at this time due to the commercial sensitivity of the business relationship with the Millennium Stadium.

Turfgrass Services International Limited
8 February 2005

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