0 iSeed delivers `the best of both worlds`

Seed buyers, managers and contractors can enjoy the best of both worlds from new improved iSeed.

Smoother flow characteristics for the coated seed ensure drills deliver an even sow, whatever kinds of machinery contractors use, say DLF Trifolium, which launched iSeed to wide market acclaim in January 2010.

The new formulation follows research by the world's largest grass breeder into how to further improve the flow of iSeed through seed drills, after feedback from users identified application difficulties with some types of equipment.

ISeed delivers a double benefit for those applying it - high quality seed and focused fertilisation to improve the emergence and establishment of the grass sward following germination. When overseeding, iSeed allows turf managers to limit feeding of the existing sward because the new grass plant has its own local food source to draw upon.

Certain characteristics of iSeed sometimes hindered flow through applicators, creating an uneven spread. The fertilizer in the coating made the product less smooth and stiffer compared to bare seed.

After extensively testing what factors of seed drills might cause the occasional `stickiness` that some contractors and customers had reported, DLF developed an improved coating formulation, which, when trialled in the field by end users and machine manufacturers, have been shown to produce flow characteristics they say virtually match those of bare seed.

DLF's test programme has resulted in a smoother less dusty product that still contains 20% nitrogen and 4% phosphorus on a bare seed basis.

By changing filler placing, filler type and coating process, the visual and flow characteristics of iSeed have been improved considerably," said Derek Smith, DLF's Amenity Sales Manager.

Although the weight of the seed has doubled after coating, flow properties of the improved formulation have prompted excited responses from users, Smith added. "One manufacturer said: `Perfect work, very exact and easy operation`. We're thrilled with the outcome."


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