0 Letter to the Football Association

Letter to the Football Association

Mr Adam Crozier, The Football Association, 25 Soho Square, London W1D 4FA


Dear Adam

The purpose of the letter is to seek your support, and possible action, to redress a shortsighted decision by the Leicester City administrator. You are probably aware that the Head Groundsman`s position has been made redundant. The individual affected is one of your lecturers and has been in his position for six and a half years.

Supported by the FA, the standard of football pitches in this country has improved dramatically over the years, and long may it continue. However, standards will only continue to improve if the professionals who do the work are given the recognition and support they deserve.

By declaring the position of Head Groundsman redundant, the administrator has sent out a very worrying message. Not only does his action belittle the work of many dedicated professionals and volunteers across the country, but it also undermines the work of the FA who, through the National Facilities group, are striving to improve pitch standards at all levels of the game.

One of the objectives of the National Facilities group is to attract new recruits into groundsmanship. That job is made all the more difficult when the people at the top of the profession are treated in such a dismissive manner!

I would welcome any supportive proposal you can make about this situation. It would be reassuring for our members to know that the people at the highest level of football are able and willing to get involved.

Regards and Best Wishes

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