0 No Weed Out of Reach with the Campey AIR Trolly Pack

Campey Turf Care Systems latest innovation, the AIR Trolly Pack from Dutch manufacturer WeedControl BV brings the hardest to access weeds into reach.

The Honda GX120 motor with compressor powers the LPG/propane 3x15kw hot-air burner head with an adjustable operating temperature between 190°C - 290°C. The small footprint of the trolley and burner means it can easily access hard to reach areas such as around poles, along walls and road edges, under street furniture and in narrow street passages and alleys where weeds consistently grow. The AIR Trolly Pack is also ideal for inner-city areas and the after-treatment of larger weed removal projects.

Flame weeding is a very effective and environmentally friendly way to remove weeds against alternative methods such as potentially harmful herbicides. Most annual and some perennial weeds can be eradicated using a flame that essentially explodes the weeds' cells, turning them into ash. This ash then mixes with the soil or disperses with no harm to other plants while there is no risk of drift onto other areas, which can be common with chemical applications.

Air Trolly Pack tackles kerbside weeds

WeedControl has explored all health and safety concerns associated with working with a flame during the development of the product. Special attention was paid to the ease of operation to ensure that any user can safely and easily operate the machine. All WeedControl products are made to meet legal requirements when working in public and private areas and impact the environment as little as possible with a focus on sustainability.

The AIR Trolly Pack can be optionally supplied with a hot-air bin at the front side. This is equipped with a 3x15kW hot-air burner head. For this, the AIR Trolly Pack is modified at the front side for stability.


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