0 Non-intrusive drainage for Greens from Aqua Terra Europe

Capillary in soilRainfall in relative amounts is always welcome by Groundsmen and Greenkeepers, however when the level of rainfall becomes excessive, ground conditions worsen and can ultimately cause problems for the longer term. Therefore good course drainage is essential and a pre-requisite to maintaining an excellent turf surface. Passive Capillary Drainage from Aqua-Terra has been designed to deal with this exact problem.

In todays' ever changing weather conditions it is a constant challenge to ensure courses meet member and visitor expectations - all year round. Closed greens and courses have a negative impact on membership satisfaction and ultimately club revenues.

Passive Capillary Drainage (PCD) comprises a stainless steel mesh core that can remove large quantities of water quickly using the dual gravity flow and capillary attraction method. The biggest advantage being it is very non-intrusive to greens and disruption is at an absolute minimum for clubs; especially for those that have a large amount of play.

A network is created under the surface to drain water underground and away in a single drain. It is the only system that can be pulled into a golf green at narrow spacings to provide a more efficient drainage system and help improve turf health in chronically wet soils. No motors, pumps or energy using equipment is required. A single green can typically be installed within a day, with play commencing immediately upon completion with only minimal disruption to the putting surface; no trenching, lifting or stripping of the turf, or any long term maintenance, is required. When compared to traditional drainage schemes the installation cost is less but the surface drainage co-efficiency is greater.

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