btme03_oil_eating_bug.jpgTerrain Aeration Services herald oil-digesting bugs as the answer to oil and diesel spillages around the golf course.

Using their Airforce machine, which penetrates to a depth of one metre and employs compressed air to create underground fissures, the company offer a new service, which injects oil-digesting bugs into contaminated soil. Travelling at the end of the final air blast and carried by dried milled seaweed, the bugs, which need air to breath, rise upwards into the fissures, settle at different levels and begin to digest the problem.

As Airforce moves on to a new section, more bugs are spread onto the surface of the original area. These bugs migrate downwards through the newly created fissures, towards those already feeding. Once the area is decontaminated, the creatures die.

Lynda Green, a director with T.A.S. says that working to their usual staggered grid pattern at two metre spacings, the company can ensure total coverage of treated areas to a depth of one metre.

"This service is economical and eco-friendly with no mess," she says. "At the moment the only other alternative is the dig-and-dump method which entails using a specially registered land-fill site. Even then, the turf manager is left with an unsightly hole in the ground."

For further information on this new soil decontamination service, contact Lynda on Tel: 01449 673783 or e-mail TerrainAeration@aol.com.

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