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Overcome the crisis?

Could the reason some golf clubs have financial problems be due to incorrect and excessive expectations from members regarding the maintenance of their...

in Golf - on 23/6/17

Training 009

Extending machinery life

Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, looks at extending the life of your machinery by adopting correct maintenance procedures

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 16/6/17

Moss CloseUp Hand

Moss control

Moss is the bane of many groundsmen and greenkeepers. It will happily grow anywhere; on greens, tees, synthetic and hard surfaces, patios and pathways....

in Golf - on 14/6/17

goalposts safety 800

Goalpost safety

We make no bones about repeating the message about goalpost safety. Indeed, all sports equipment needs to be checked regularly as being ‘fit for purpose’...

in Football - on 12/6/17


Q&A - Alistair Morrison

Alistair Morrison - a young man with some difficult choices to make; Michelle or Jennifer?

in Golf - on 12/6/17

Durness BayClubhouse

On top of the world ...

A new coastal road might just improve visitor numbers to the UK’s most northwesterly golf course. Created by three golfing enthusiasts in the late eighties,...

in Golf - on 12/6/17

NT 1198666

By Ick ... worth a visit

For his first assignment for Pitchcare, and as befits a man of his age, we sent Peter Driver, recently retired public relations manager for Ransomes Jacobsen,...

in Public Places - on 9/6/17

AyrUnited JasonWaddell

Ayr on a shoestring!

Chris McCullough visits Somerset Park, home to Ayr United, to meet groundsman Jason Waddell and view one of the best football pitches in Scotland, despite...

in Football - on 7/6/17

Uxbridge T20Prep

Lord’s second chamber

First class outground cricket may be dwindling, but Middlesex is one county where there will always be a need. Neville Johnson went pre-season to the outer...

in Cricket - on 2/6/17


The only solution?

Are longer courses the only golf course design solution to modern technology and long-hitters? Svein Drange Olsnes, EIGCA Senior Member & Council Member,...

in Golf - on 31/5/17

WhiteClover Meadow

Too much clover?

White clover is an important food source for wildlife, yet can be very penal to golfers

in Golf - on 29/5/17

grounds team

Looking forward

Recent renovation work at Great Yarmouth racecourse aims to return the Norfolk track to its role as the nursery for stars of the future

in Equestrian - on 26/5/17

Giggleswick RugbyMain2

A level playing field

Medieval ridge and furrow farmland can prove a challenge in delivering sporting excellence. Greg Rhodes speaks to Head of Grounds, Craig Eccleston, a man...

in Cricket - on 24/5/17


Q&A with Chris Drury

Chris Drury - if you fail to indicate, make sure you have chocolate at the ready!

in Rugby - on 22/5/17

FeatherstoneRovers GroundsTeam

Rovers Return?

Jake Barrow reports that rugby league fans in Featherstone are preparing yet again for a possible promotion to top-tier Super League. And when one talks...

in Rugby - on 22/5/17

daniel dumbrill

Who has priority?

It's an age old question; who has priority out on the golf course, the greenkeepers going about their daily tasks or the golfers trying to enjoy their...

in Golf - on 17/5/17

A fine finish from a cylinder mower at Cavendish Golf Club

Mower blades

In this article, Reesink Turfcare’s Clive Pinnock talks blades. Specifically, how these unassuming pieces of metal can mean the difference between frayed...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 15/5/17

KeithBoyce Nets

Arise Sir Keith...

Many must have voiced that sentiment about the doyen of cricket groundsmanship Keith Boyce. A pioneer and original thinker, he is renowned among cricket’s...

in Cricket - on 12/5/17

FrankNewberry2017 2

Micro Menace!

In the first of a two-part article, Grounds Training Tutor and Careers Advisor Frank Newberry defines his terms and identifies the biggest problem caused...

in Training & Education - on 10/5/17

Burton on Trent Golf Course

Burton-on-Trent benefit

Praise from the members as Burton-on-Trent Golf Club completes first stage of a comprehensive drainage programme

in Golf - on 8/5/17