0 Pitchcare Bumper Christmas Quiz - Answers and Winners

We had a fantastic response to our Bumper Christmas Quiz. Quite a few of the questions caused a problems, but we still had a large number of members who came up with all the correct answers, and we had to use the tie-breaker to sort out the winners.

The Santa weigh-in was held today, and he tipped the scales at exactly 16st 1lb (225lbs or 102.58kgs).


Q1. Which song contains the line, "He's making a list and checking it twice"? Santa Claus is coming to town

Q2. Which famous female author wrote the short story 'The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding'? Agatha Christie

Q3. In 2001 why did Harrod's replace Father Christmas's reindeer and sleigh with a horse and carriage? Foot and mouth disease

Q4. What is the name of the fruit sauce which is a traditional accompaniment to the Christmas turkey? Cranberry

Q5. Who is Scrooge's clerk? Bob Cratchit

Q6. Who wrote the poem 'Christmas Eve and Easter Day'? Robert Browning

Q7. Which sports presenter appeared dressed in a yellow Father Christmas outfit as Setanta Claus in adverts for the TV channel? Des Lynam

Q8. What did 'Frosty the Snowman' have for a nose? Button

Q9. Who paid £3,000 for a turkey in December 1995 to prevent it from being slaughtered? Linda McCartney (we did accept McCartneys)

Q10. Which actor played an elf called Patch in "Santa Claus the Movie"? Dudley Moore

Q11. Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day in 1977 at his home in which country? Switzerland

Q12. In 'A Christmas Carol' what is the first name of Scrooge's partner Marley? Jacob

Q13. Christmas Drumhead is a variety of which vegetable? Cabbage

Q14. In 1995 a Father Christmas walked out of the World Santa Claus Conference because the other delegates did not believe he was the real one - was he from Finland, Iceland or Norway? Finland

Q15. Which song ends with the line, "You'll go down in history"? Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Winners are as folows:

John Deere Electric Ride-On Toy Tractor and Trailer (kindly donated by Balmers Garden Machinery) - Keith Richards

Runners Up:
Lucinda Rockett
David W Slack
Simon Leathley
Gary Thompson
Peter Bird
Dave Collins
Lynn Boardman
Samantha Richards
Wilson Boardman
Dennis Pickering
Stephen Tilling
M Harding

We will be contacting all winners to arrange delivery of the prizes.

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