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0Polari.jpgPolaris Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition of swissauto Powersports division. swissauto, a Switzerland-based company, has a solid track record in design and development of high-performance and high-efficiency engines and innovative vehicles.

For example, swissauto developed a compact 2-stroke V-4 for Moto GP racing that won 3 world championship titles and has developed a car that achieved nearly 70 miles per gallon in the European drive cycle.

Founded in 1987, swissauto's core capabilities are in development, prototyping, and manufacturing of internal combustion engines and charging devices, with additional expertise in unique engine technology. swissauto has a strong history of powertrain and recreational vehicle innovation. The acquisition brings to Polaris added powertrain capabilities, a firm understanding of turbo-charging and high-performance engines, as well as innovative, energy efficient vehicle and engine designs.

Polaris has a prior relationship with swissauto, as the company designed the high-performance, four-stroke MPE engines that Polaris features in current model snowmobiles such as the IQ Turbo Dragon, Turbo LX, FST IQ Touring and WideTrak IQ. In addition to strengthening Polaris' powertrain technical expertise, the agreement will create another facility of professionals designing best-in-class products for an enthusiastic consumer base.

Through the acquisition Polaris will operate in the current swissauto facility located in Burgdorf, Switzerland. The acquisition will broaden Polaris's reach in Europe, strengthening their footprint in the global market while expanding the engineering capabilities. If you have any questions about this acquisition, please don't hesitate to contact us.

www.polaris-britain.com 0800 915 6720

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