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Royal Reesink subsidiaries Jean Heybroek and Motrac Industries have combined to create RECO eTrac, an electric tool carrier designed to bring a new productive, powerful electric option to the tool carrier market for green space maintenance.

The RECO eTrac, an electric tool carrier designed to bring a new productive, powerful electric option to the tool carrier market for green space maintenance

Responding to the increasing demand for zero-emission machines to maintain landscapes, two subsidiaries of Royal Reesink have collaborated on new product development. Bringing together their extensive collective knowledge and experience on what makes the ultimate machinery solution for the grounds market but powered by electricity.

With a choice of different battery packs, the RECO eTrac can work a full day of up to eight hours weed brushing, for example, without having to recharge.

Cleverly designed with modest dimensions, such as a transport width of less than 130cm and with rear axle steering to be easily manoeuvrable on narrow streets with kerbs, the RECO eTrac is also very stable due to a low centre of gravity.

The eTrac has a fully electric drive meaning it brings clean operation with no exhaust particles, odour or noise to the job. That helps create a pleasant, safe working environment for the operator and bystanders says Roon Hylkema, managing director of the Reesink Turfcare division at Royal Reesink B.V., who goes on to explain how comfort comes as standard: "The RECO eTrac has a modern and quiet cab environment from leading supplier Mathieu, that meets the latest health and safety requirements.

"With an extra-low windscreen and glass door panels, operator visibility is optimised. The panoramic front window of the RECO eTrac provides an excellent field of view. The ergonomic seat, like the steering column, is fully and easily adjustable for the perfect seating position. And thanks to the air conditioning and heating, work is pleasant and safe in all weather conditions."

There are great commercial advantages to having electric tool carriers on your fleet, as with all-electric machinery options they present an appealing and competitive position in tenders, according to Royal Reesink.

Roon concludes: "The market is demanding electrical solutions, and specifically electrically-powered tool carriers for green space maintenance that can be used for a full working day without recharging the battery. When the market asks for new solutions, you have to move. We want to meet that demand."

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